Verizon Fios Router VPN Passthrough

verizon fios router vpn passthrough
verizon fios router vpn passthrough

Verizon is one of the most trusted and used services all over North America and most parts of the world for cellular communication. You will also get lucky if you are in the US to enjoy their blazing fast internet. You can also expect to face certain restrictions on the Verizon network. Since they provide you with their router that is undoubtedly well-equipped for enhanced performance but restricts you to use any VPN and gives out the no server available error. If you are facing the same trouble on your Verizon Fios Router and want to have a passthrough to it, there are certain things that you need to know.

Verizon Fios Router VPN Passthrough

What can you use it for?

A VPN set-up on your Fios router is not a VPN that would allow you access to blocked websites or anything to do with masking your IP over the internet. A router Virtual Private Network means that you can create a network of your own that would allow all your devices to access the shared data over that VPN that you can use just like you were connected to a LAN. This normally is not such an issue with other routers but Fios routers on Verizon are blocking this for several reasons such as:


A VPN that you can create will not be encrypted and the data can be compromised over the Wi-Fi network. While you can control the devices that are connected to the network over a LAN, the same is not possible on a wireless network. That is the main reason VPN support is blocked and if you are looking for passthrough on the router, you must be aware of these possible risks as well that might compromise the security of your network or data.


Setting up a VPN is no big deal, as anyone with basic knowledge can manage it easily. But the passthrough that would allow you to create a VPN over your Verizon Fios router requires certain technical knowledge that you must have, otherwise you can end up messing the settings on your router and lose internet connectivity at all. Needless to say, you will need to understand the basic networking rules and most importantly have good command over the port forwarding set-up.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is the only possible way for you to be able to manage a VPN over your Asus Fios router. To make it happen, you will need to connect your devices one-by-one with the router over the same wireless network and then enable port forwarding on each of them. This will create a VPN of your own that will be hosted by the server of your choice. You can do this for as many devices as you want, but once the server is turned off or disconnected, you will need to repeat the process.

While there are certain benefits to this passthrough it is not recommended for beginners to try as it might get you in trouble with your internet and router settings and you can end up missing more than you have achieved.

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