Unlimitedville Internet Service Review

unlimitedville review
unlimitedville review

Unlimitedville Internet Service Review

Unlimitidville is talk of the town these days. They are offering some truly irresistible services for most users that makes them one of the best internet providers around the country. With that being said, they are increasing their consumers exponentially and for all the good reasons. Unlimitedville is basically a wireless High-speed internet service with no data caps at all. The best part is that there are no contracts involved either.

They are using 4 major cellular companies to rent their towers and provide their users with some of the best internet speeds. However, each service has its own pros and cons that are beyond question and there is nothing that you can call perfect. So, to have a look at Unlimitedville, let’s have a look at their features so you can decide if it would be a service worth giving a try.


Some top features that every consumer must bear in mind before getting any subscription are as follow

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is fairly easy for unlimited Ville. There are no contracts or credit checks require for you to obtain their services and start enjoying high-speed internet. That means you won’t have to go through any of those extensive procedures simply to have an internet connection for your home or office. All you are required to do is pay for a one-time membership fee and the first month of service fee and you can start the process for installation.


The best part about having their service is that there are no wires, satellite receivers or anything else that you might require. You will be given a hotspot device that you can plug into any 12V power outlet and it should work. The wi-fi portable router also contains a battery that can be used for around 10 hours and you can connect up to 10 devices on it. The best part is, there are no any hidden charges such as installation charges that you have to cover.


Now, most people are concerned about the coverage but that would actually depend on the carrier you choose. They offer you a choice to have your pick from all four of the major carriers. Unlimitedville will also let you know which carrier would be the best for you to have optimal coverage for your home or office. You can go with the preferred carrier and there will be no issues for you at all.

To add the cherry on the top, Unlimitedville covers all your devices for your home, office, or traveling. You can request as many routers as you like and they will provide you with that. That means you don’t have to buy different subscriptions for different places like you would have for your wired internet options.

For those who like to travel a lot, or are living in rural areas where it is hard to get wired or some fast internet service, this is the best choice to have. With the help of these carriers, optimal coverage is ensured with the connection to cellular towers. You can have internet coverage all across the US with no data caps and speed limits.


The most important thing for any consumer who is looking to have a service would be pricing. Well, Unlimitedville offers some packages that depend on your choice solely. These packages represent each of the carriers that you can choose to have the coverage with. The pricing varies depending on the carrier whose towers you will choose to have the service for, but so will the speed, connectivity, signal strength, and coverage.

Their pricing plans vary from $149 a month to $249 a month. This sounds a whopping amount for some to have an internet connection, and might no suit some of the people who don’t have many usages for internet. But if one is looking for a complete plan for their home, office, and traveling, they might be able to make it worth it.

Although the pricing is a bit on the higher end, it is suitable for most users who are living in rural areas where there are no internet options available for them. Also, the unlimited data with truly no caps at all makes it work the money being spent for.


They promise no data limit and overages and that is true. You just have to pay a prepaid monthly fee and you will be able to get the best internet service for you. This is the best option for those who have extensive data usage for their homes and offices so they can worry less about exceeding their bandwidth limits.

You might be thinking that how it is different than any of cellular unlimited plans, and why would one need to pay such extra amount since it is a wireless LTE service. Well, according to the tests we have been doing, those cellular plans are for one device only, and that is scarcely 15-20 GB a month usage. While an average household in the US can consume up to 200 GBs a month. So, if you want to have internet access on multiple devices, you must choose their service.

Cancellation policy

The bottom line, the cancellation policy is not so much hassle. But it comes with a catch, you don’t get to keep any of the devices as they are owned by Unlimitedville. Since there are no contracts, you can cancel anytime you want but you will not be getting your membership fees back. There are no policies that allow you to pause your account. So, if you are unable to continue the service for one month, you will have to pay the membership fees again to rejoin the subscription.

Overall, the service is pretty impressive and covers the need for most who are travelers, living in remote areas or want unanimous service for all their devices. However, it is a bit high on the pricing end and might not be for you if you don’t have extensive use for the internet.

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  1. STAY AWAY!!!

    Horrible!! No customer service. They used to be good and very responsive however since the pandemic started you can’t get anyone on the phone anymore and they take ages to respond via email. They are way too expensive as well considering there are other options from bigger carriers who actually care about customer service.

    If you try to cancel your service they will make you pay for returning the equipment to them and will continue to charge you until they receive and process it. They will also attempt to charge you for equipment they never sent you in the first place. In other words they will do their best to screw you over big time.

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