ThinkorSwim Couldn’t Connect To The Internet: 4 Fixes

thinkorswim couldn't connect to the internet
thinkorswim couldn’t connect to the internet

Thinkorswim is simply the best thing that you can get for online trading services. It is a free online trading platform that allows you to have elite-level trading tools and some great insights, education and a dedicated trade desk for you.

The platform is not that old, and it got some awesome settings that you can get. Yet, to make it work you need to have the best internet coverage and access to the internet.

If it says couldn’t connect to the internet, here are a few things that you will have to check on.

ThinkorSwim Couldn’t Connect To The Internet

1) Check Internet Connection

First of all, you will have to ensure that you are getting the right internet coverage on your network. You don’t only have to be connected to the router or the modem, but have internet connectivity as well.

So, make sure that you are getting the access to internet on your network by ensuring it through running some other internet application or some browser and that will help you get a better idea about what the problem might be and how you would need to get it fixed.

If the problem is with your internet connection, then you should be getting that fixed first to get the problem solved. However, if that is not the case and your internet connection is working fine with the right access on it, you will have to check on a few more things and here they are:

2) Metered Connection

You have to make sure that your PC or the platform that you are using is not running on a metered connection. A metered connection doesn’t only limit the bandwidth but there are also some other problems like speed limitation and more.

So, you will have to take care of that and make sure that you have disabled the metered connection settings. This will help you get it going in the right manner and your Thinkorswim will be working without causing you any sorts of errors or problems at all.

3) Check on Application Permissions

There is another thing that you will have to be careful about. These modern Operating Systems have the features that allow you to check on the settings and restrict access to certain resources and features for the applications that you want to.

This would be internet access in this case and if there is something wrong with the Thinkorswim not being able to connect with the internet, you need to check on the applications permissions.

You need to make sure that the application has permission to access the internet and it is going to work perfectly fine without any sorts of issues or problems at all.

4) Firewall

Lastly, you will have to check on the firewall and make sure that the firewall allows internet traffic for the thinkorswim application.

You will have to access the settings as an admin and that will allow you to get it all going without having to face any sorts of problems with the internet access on your platform.

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