5 Ways to Fix TeamViewer Offline When Internet Is Working

teamviewer offline but internet working
teamviewer offline but internet working

We live in a digitally connected world where most of the business meetings are held through online media. TeamViewer is one of the most convenient media to carry out online discussions and meetings for endless purposes.

However, users, these days have been facing major setbacks with this online software. Mostly, their internet is successfully connected to their devices but TeamViewer still shows the status to be offline. It gets quite frustrating when you are working on something important. In this article, we will suggest you quick troubleshooting solutions that would get your TeamViewer back on working online.

What Is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a proprietary software application that is devoted to remote users such as desktop sharing, business/educational online meetings, web calling or conferencing, as well as file transfer between distant computers.

It is extensively used among the educational and business sectors. Although. One has to stay extremely careful while handling such apps as the threat of hacking builds higher with such application software programs.

TeamViewer Says It’s Offline When the Internet Is Working. Why?

Many TeamViewer users have witnesses that their applications stopped working and start showing the offline status even when the device is connected to the internet. There could be many reasons for that to happen; poor or loose connection, outdated TeamViewer version, network bug, so on.

Although dealing with such an issue is not a big deal.

How To Troubleshoot TeamViewer Offline Status?

Trying out some authentic and tested troubleshooting solutions would 100% get your TeamViewer back on working.

Here they are:

  1. Check Your Router/Modem Connection:

Sometimes the faulty and lousy connections arranged to cost you way too much trouble than the application itself. Make sure that you check the connection arrangements. Also, try to reconnect your modem to your troubled device to renew the connection.

If doing the reconnection process doesn’t work and you are still displayed as offline, then proceed further.

  1. Uninstall TeamViewer:

Uninstalling and then reinstalling helps more than you would ever think. Make sure that you log out and uninstall the TeamViewer along with removing out its cache memory as well. Now you have no access to TeamViewer. Now before you reinstall it back, follow the upcoming steps.

  1. Reboot Your PC:

When you install the application, now your PC needs a hard rebooting. Make sure that you do it by applying both software and hardware procedures. Disconnect your PC from the port and reset it.

  1. Download the Newer Version:

Now that you have hard-rebooted your PC, it is time to download the newer version of the TeamViewer.

5. Re-Install TeamViewer:

After you download the newer version of Windows, get the up-to-date version of TeamViewer as well. Reinstall it again on your PC. This would show your status online.


Having status; offline/online troubles with extensive applications like TeamViewer is quite common even when your internet connection is successfully working. There can be many factors behind it although locating and troubleshooting the issue is quite handy which doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy.

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