4 Ways To Fix Bypass T-Mobile Throttling

t mobile throttling bypass
t mobile throttling bypass

For everyone who needs to stay connected with their family and friends, choosing the right network service provider is essential. So, T-Mobile is one of the promising options out there. Even more, some users have been wondering about the T-Mobile throttling bypass and they don’t know anything much. With this being said, we have added everything one needs to know about it!

Bypass T-Mobile Throttling

Bypassing The T-Mobile Throttle – Is It Possible?

First of all, yes, the bypassing of T-Mobile throttle is possible if you are choosing the right techniques. Some consumers have been saying that it’s impossible but it is mainly because they are not following the right methods. So, let’s see how you can bypass the throttling.

1. USB Tethering

If you are using the USB tethering option and want to bypass the throttling there, you can hide the usage. In this case, you need to open the FoxFi option because it has the hide tethering usage available. Once you hide the usage, you will be able to mask the usage, hence T-Mobile won’t be able to throttle the network.

2. VPN

When it comes down to the internet connection, T-Mobile consumers tend to struggle with the throttling but you can easily fix it by using the VPN services. There are multiple VPN services available, such as PureVPN and NordVPN and all of them are suitable for bypassing this. The VPNs will mask up the IP address, hence the encryption of data packets.

When you use the VPN, your internet connection and profile will be masked, so T-Mobile won’t be able to outline the network and implement throttling. For this purpose, you can choose the desired VPN, launch it, enter the login details, and choose the suitable server location. Once you are connected to the VPN, you will be able to get rid of throttling.

3. Tunneling

In addition to the VPN configuration, you can use the tunneling protocols as it helps mask the activity, hence the anonymous functionality. As a result, your data usage won’t be trackable by T-Mobile, making it easier for you to bypass the throttling.

4. Proxy

Tunneling can be pretty difficult to achieve but the proxy is the easier fix to bypass the throttling. With a proxy, the routing of connections is conducted on the third-party server. In addition, it helps hide the destination of the traffic. However, it doesn’t encrypt the information and data.

Why T-Mobile Throttles The Internet?

The T-Mobile users are always asking why they would throttle the internet even when they have subscribed to the data plan. There are multiple reasons for this issue. To begin with, the traffic and network congestion will result in the management issue, hence the throttling. Also, there are chances that T-Mobile is enforcing the data transferring limits.

However, in some cases, T-Mobile throttles your internet when they are trying to prevent the DDoS attack, so it might be in your favor. Even more, there are chances that throttling is temporary only because T-Mobile is optimizing and prioritizing the traffic. We are pretty sure that this information is ample for understanding throttling bypass with T-Mobile.

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