4 Reasons Why All Circuits Are Busy In AT&T

at&t all circuits are busy
at&t all circuits are busy

Being an AT&T network user, you must have come across a number of situations or circumstances where you had to visit their FAQs page online on their official website or you had to call their help desk. Either way, you have found a satisfying answer or a proper solution to help you with whatever problem you’re facing. But have you ever faced a situation where you’re cell phone shows a message saying: AT&T all circuits are busy? If yes, do you know what that actually means? And when and why does your smartphone shows this message? We’ll help you understand the causes behind this message relating to the AT&T network.

What Does The Message Mean?

First of all, you need to understand that the message you see on your mobile phone’s screen telling you that all the AT&T circuits are busy is not a serious permanent problem. In fact, it is a temporary reversible situation that can be fixed easily.

The “all circuits are busy” message actually means that the system network of AT&T is temporarily overloaded which is why you cannot use the different services offered by AT&T on your device. There can be a number of different things that become the cause of the busy circuit system. From the list of reasons we have picked a few major ones that are described as follows:

No Free Outgoing Lines

The message may mean there may be no free outgoing lines available in your particular area or your local region. This could cause your cell phone to lose network signals momentarily for a period.

Overloaded Network

Sometimes, the extreme network traffic causes the circuit system of AT&T to collapse right in the middle of the hour at any time. This is because of the high number of users in a particular local region trying to use the services all at once.

Lesser Available Resources

You also get to see the message if the coverage of AT&T in your local area is very poorly provided. There may be a lesser number of network towers providing the services as compared to the greater number of users.

Reasons Why All Circuits Are Busy In AT&T

Usually when you see the message that says “system is busy at the moment” or “all circuits are busy”, it simply means that the network system of AT&T is overloaded at that moment. This can happen due to various reasons some of which are given below:

  1. Holidays or Vacations

Usually, you get to face busy system circuit issues when you’re using the services on your vacations or during the weekend days. This is because, on holidays or vacations, most people would like to sit in their armchair, sip their favorite coffee, and use their cell phones in their leisure times.

  1. Peak Hours Of Network Traffic

The busy network issues and overloaded system problems are usually caused by some cause-effect chains at certain peak hours. The people using their phones in idle times results in high network traffic on the AT&T network servers which causes the system to overload with the high number of users.

  1. Natural Disasters

Many horrific uncontrollable situations such as terrible natural disasters can also be one of the many reasons why your phone is showing you “All circuit busy” notification. This can also affect the service circuit lines in your area or in a particular region.

  1. Poor Old Circuit Lines

Another reason that you might see the Busy circuits message on your device is damaged system circuit lines. The Circuit lines affected by long life or due to some damage can also cause a variety of busy system circuit issues with your AT&T network.

System Network Issue Of AT&T

Every time you experience a system network issue, it’s not necessarily true the never have the AT&T system servers ever misbehaved not even once. Many times there is no issue with the circuit lines nor is the servers are busy but only the AT&T services act poorly. There is a long list of things that can be the reason why the servers misbehave for absolutely no reason.


Seeing the AT&T “all circuits are busy” message on your device can be solved by rechecking the signal bar on your device and waiting a few minutes.

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