Spectrum We’ve Detected An Interruption In Your Service: 4 Fixes

spectrum we've detected an interruption in your service
spectrum we’ve detected an interruption in your service

Spectrum is a pretty decent service overall but it has its own fair share of errors as well. “We’ve detected and interruption in your service” is one such error message that can interrupt your TV experience considerably. You get to see this error while you are streaming on your TV watching your favorite sporting event, or some other program that you have waited for so long and this just doesn’t feel right. Here are a few things that you can do to fix up this error and avoid the error in the future.

Spectrum We’ve Detected An Interruption In Your Service

1) Restart your HD Box

If the problem has just started, you need to start trying with restarting the HD box that you get from Spectrum. There are a lot of hardware and software components involved with the box and they can cause you to have the issue temporarily. So, you just need to turn the HD box off, let it sit for 5-10 seconds and turn it up again. It will take a few moments to reboot and you will be getting the perfectly working service that will not cause you any errors or inconveniences.

2) Check the cable connections

You also need to give a closer look at all those cables and connectors there. There are chances that your cables might not be connected properly and just hanging lose out there and that can cause you to see the error. So, you are going to check all the cables and connections that are going in the HD box and make sure that they are tied perfectly. It would be optimal for you if you take out all those cables and fix them up properly once just to be sure and it will most likely solve the problem for you.

3) Check for patters

You also need to monitor the patterns and see what is causing you to face the issue more closely. To do that, try checking if there is a specific interval that triggers the error, check for the channels if the error is being displayed on some specific channel and more. You also need to try several qualities like HD Auto, HD and SD to monitor if you are seeing that error on specific video quality.  This is going to help you fix the issue better, and you can assist the tech who will be diagnosing the issue for you.

4) Call for help

Now, you will need to call spectrum for help and they will be able to send a technician down your place that will effectively diagnose the issue for you. The technician will check all the cables, diagnose your HD box and will be providing you a viable solution. You might need to have your HD box in a worst-case scenario but that is best if you let the technicians handle that and that will keep you from voiding your warranty as well. It is not recommended to try anything on your own with the box as that can not only be dangerous but also void your warranty.

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