4 Solutions To Spectrum Can’t Pause Live TV

spectrum cant pause live tv
spectrum cant pause live tv

When it comes to streaming and internet services, Spectrum is one of the most popular companies that you can go for, especially in the U.S. They offer a multitude of features that can help you get a much better experience while browsing your favorite shows or simply browsing the internet. Unfortunately, a common issue with the Spectrum that many users have claimed to have is that they cant seem to pause live TV. This is why today; we will be listing some of the most common ways how you can easily fix the problem through following certain troubleshooting steps:

Spectrum Can’t Pause Live TV

1. Check the Batteries

As straightforward as it may seem, it is highly likely that the reason why you might be facing the problem is that there aren’t batteries inside the remote. Another possibility is that the batteries of the remote might have dried out.

In any case, you will have to check the remote for batteries. Just in case, we recommend trying to change the batteries of the remote which should help you resolve the problem.

2. Try Changing the Remote

There’s also the chance of your remote being completely broken. If that is the case, then it is likely that you will notice problems with the TV. This can be further confirmed if you are also having problems by simply operating the remote.

A very easy way to check whether your remote is working or not is by using a different remote on the TV. If you can pause your live TV, then it is likely that you have a broken remote. You will have to buy a completely new remote in that case.

3. DVR Box

You might be using a DVR box cable which doesn’t work like you would expect a Live TV or regular no DVR cable box to work. The only place where you can get the feature to work is through On-Demand shows.

4. Asking Spectrum’s Support

Your final option would be to get in touch with Spectrum’s support. They should further explain the reason why you might be facing this issue along with what exactly can you do to fix it.

Just make sure that whenever you do get in touch with the support team, be sure to be as cooperative as you can.

The Bottom Line

Facing issues with your Spectrum Live TV and can’t pause it? Even though there are some reasons why this could happen, the biggest culprit behind the issue could your TV remote. However, certain other reasons could also lead to the same problem, which is why we recommend giving the article a thorough read!

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