6 Steps to Fix Source Too Slow For Continuous Playback Kodi

source too slow for continuous playback kodi
source too slow for continuous playback kodi

Kodi is a great way of organizing media files, ranging from videos to audio and photos. When it comes down to streaming the videos, many users complain about the source being too slow for continuous playback Kodi. With this error, the users won’t be able to download the video faster enough to prevent buffering. In addition, it will cause issues in streaming and lead to buffering. So, let’s see how to fix the playback issues!

Source Too Slow For Continuous Playback Kodi:

  1. Internet Connection

It is common for people to connect their devices to Wi-Fi for easier connectivity, especially if you like to move around the house. However, the wireless connection can result in interference, which slows down the connection and lead to buffering. For this reason, it’s recommended that you connect your TV, PC, or any other device that you are using for Kodi to the Ethernet connection. This is because the Ethernet connections are faster and don’t have signal interference.

  1. Internet Speed

If you have no choice, but you use Kodi with a Wi-Fi connection, you have to focus on the internet speed. In most cases, the inconsistent internet speed can lead to buffering issues on Kodi. So, it’s recommended that you check the internet speed from the online speed test, and if the internet speed is slower than what you signed up for, it’s better that you call the internet service provider to fix the internet speed issue.

On the contrary, if you have connected to the package with slow speed, you have to upgrade the internet plan – make sure you have at least 20Mbps speed as it’s essential to play the HD videos. In case you cannot upgrade the internet plan and there is no way to increase the internet speed, you need to increase the read rate speed to optimize the streaming.

  1. Cache

The hidden cache settings on the device can also lead to buffering and playback issues. In case you are using Kodi on the PC, it’s recommended that you delete the cache and cookies from the device to ensure a seamless streaming experience.

  1. Add-Ons

Another way of removing the playback issue is to update the add-ons you have installed on Kodi. This is because outdated add-ons can slow down Kodi’s operation, which contributes to playback errors. For this reason, you have to open Kodi right away and update the add-ons.

  1. Streaming Quality

One of the most effective ways of improving the streaming experience and eliminating the playback error is to lower the streaming quality you have selected in Kodi. This is because low streaming quality will consume less bandwidth, which frees up internet bandwidth for playback. It’s evident that streaming quality will be adversely impacted, but the buffering will be fixed.

  1. Streaming Source

When it comes down to Kodi, it is basically streaming or home theatre software, which means you stream content from third-party sources. For this reason, you must check the streaming source to ensure it’s running properly. In particular, you must check if the streaming source has reported the server issues. If that’s the case, you should wait for the server issues to be resolved!

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