5 Steps To Fixing Plex Playback Error On Smart TV

plex playback error smart tv
plex playback error smart tv

Plex has become a global streaming service and has coined its name as the client-server media playing platform. It’s a great choice for organizing photos, audios, and videos from different online services and collections. For this reason, people usually use it on the smart TV, but some users have been complaining about the playback issue while using Plex. So, let’s check out some solutions that you can try!

Fixing Plex Playback Error On Smart TV:

1. Re-Log The Plex

First of all, it is recommended that you sign out of the Plex account and log in again. However, before you sign into Plex again, it’s better that you reboot the smart TV. For rebooting the smart TV, you have to disconnect it from the power outlet. Once the TV turns on, access the Plex app and log in again. In case you are unable to access the account or it’s restricted, it’s recommended that you tap on the cogwheel from the top of the screen and press the “log-out” option.

2. Plex Media Server

If signing in to the Plex server doesn’t resolve the playback issue, it’s better that you check if the server is running or not. It’s common for the server to go down because of a network outage or server maintenance. For this reason, it’s better that you check the social media handles of Plex to see if they have notified you about the server outage. In case there is an outage, you have to wait for some time to make sure the server is retrieved.

3. VPN Connection

The third solution is to check the VPN connection and disable it. With the increasing cyber issues, users are regularly using VPNs to protect their browsing or other internet activities. However, when the VPN is enabled, it leads to playback issues with Plex. For this reason, it’s recommended that you disable the VPN on the device. In addition to VPN, you should disable other security features to make sure no settings are interfering with the streaming.

4. Internet Connection

Another solution is to check the internet connection because a slow internet connection is the most common reason behind playback issues. The first step is to take the online internet speed test to determine if you are getting the advertised internet speed. If you aren’t getting the proper internet speed, you need to get in touch with the internet service provider and upgrade the internet plan.

5. Permitted Connections

What security settings and connections you have set on the smart TV can directly impact the playability. For this reason, you have to open the Plex app on your TV, open settings, go to the advanced tab, and tap on the “allow insecure connections” option. It should be set to “always” to ensure there are no playability issues.

The Bottom Line

With this article, we have shared five solutions that can help resolve the playback issues on Plex. However, if you still cannot play videos through Plex on your smart TV, we recommend that you call Plex’s customer support team!

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