Router Behind Router Detected: What Is This Error?

router behind router detected
router behind router detected

When we talk about the internet connection, we generally only know buying the internet router and subscribing to the internet plan. However, there are multiple features and techniques to develop a fast-speed internet connection.

Similarly, there are some technical issues and errors, such as the router behind router detected. In case you are receiving a similar error, we have the information available for you!

Router Behind Router Detected – What Is This Error?

If you want to understand the error and the root cause behind it, we have some information for you. This is because if the gateway identifies the availability of the third-party router, this router can appear on the display.

In addition, if the third-party router and 2Wire gateway are connected, there are chances of network instability because both these devices are managing their private IPs through NAT. Now, if you want to fix the error, let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods or solutions!

1) Removing The Router

We have mentioned the clear reason behind this error, the ultimate solution is to remove the third-party router from your internet network LAN because the 2Wire router has the capacity to manage the internet network. For this purpose, you can sign in to your router and disconnect it from the network. In addition, you can simply disconnect the third-party router from the power connection.

2) DMZPlus Mode

When it comes down to the people who don’t have the option to remove the third-party router, you can just opt for the DMZPlus mode. For this reason, you must move your third-party router to this feature. It can be done by tapping on the resolve button (the resolve button will be available on the error message besides “cancel”). When the third-party router is set on this DMZPlus mode, it’s highly likely that the error will go away.

3) Error Detection

This is the solution for people who want to just stop receiving the error messages. This is because this solution is all about disabling the error detection on the internet connection. For this purpose, you must log in to your router and open the settings. From the settings, scroll down to the error detection and uncheck it or disable it. After this, save the settings and you will stop receiving the error messages.

4) Operating System

When we talk about the router behind the router detected, it generally appears on the computer systems. So, when it appears on your laptop, it’s better that you update the operating system.

It doesn’t matter if you are using Linux or Windows operating system, you must update the system because it has greater chances of fixing the error. For instance, Windows has recently launched Windows 11, so install the fresh update and the error message will go away!

5) Diagnostic

The laptops and desktops and are designed with the built-in diagnostic feature. In the majority of cases, a router behind router detected error can be resolved by running the diagnostic on the computer or laptop.

So, run it on the system and the error is highly likely to be resolved. Keep in mind that it might take a few minutes to complete the diagnostic, so keep your cool!

6) Malware

There are always some chances that your laptop or computer is under an attack of malware. This is because the malware can negatively impact the configuration and lead to the router behind the router error. That being said, you must run the anti-malware app on your system and get the malware removed. When the malware is removed, the error will go away.

7) Full Network Reset

The full network reset is all about unplugging every device on the network, including all the accessories. All these devices must be disconnected from the power source and make sure you shut down the standby voltages as well.

After ten minutes of shutting off, switch on the modem and wait for it to connect, and then switch on the router. When the router switches on, connect the cables (the ethernet cables) to the computer. When everything is up and running, the error will stop appearing.

To summarize, all these solutions are likely to fix the router behind the router error on the computer system. If the issue still exists, call the internet service provider or the router manufacturer for more help!

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