5 Fixes For PVR Clients Argus TV Client Add On Couldn’t Be Loaded

pvr clients argus tv client add on couldn't be loaded
pvr clients argus tv client add on couldn’t be loaded

Kodi is a reliable choice for entertainment lovers, and Argus TV PVR is one of the most recommended add-ons. That’s because it supports the streaming of the recordings and live TV. In addition, you can listen to the radio channels as well. It’s basically a native PVR client that’s designedd by the Kodi community for Argus TV. However, PVR client’s Argus TV client add-on couldn’t be loaded issue has been an issue for many users, but we are here with the solutions!

PVR Clients Argus TV Client Add On Couldn’t Be Loaded Fix:

1. HTTPS Address

First of all, you must verify the HTTPS address because an incorrect address results in loading issues. Whenever there is a typo in the address, you might be trying to connect to the address that just doesn’t exist. It’s common for people to make mistakes while copying the address manually. For this reason, it’s recommended that you copy the HTTPS address properly (don’t copy manually). Once the HTTPS address is correct, it’s likely that the add-on will load properly.

2. Source

The second common reason is the offline or down source, especially if you have already checked the address and it’s correct. It’s recommended that you visit the repository address in the web browser, and if it doesn’t work, the add-on won’t work. In addition to this, you can try accessing the repository GIT address, and if it doesn’t work, the source is down or offline – it’s common for the file hosts or websites to go down for maintenance purposes. So, if you cannot access the address through the repository or the browser, it’s best that you wait for some time.

3. Internet

To load the add-ons, you must be connected to high-quality and stable internet. First of all, we recommend that you reboot the internet connection to make sure it’s broadcasting reliable internet signals. In addition to this, you could try changing to a 5GHz wireless channel to make sure there is no traffic on the network (the 2.4GHz wireless channel is more crowded). Once you change the wireless channel, the internet speed will enhance. After this, you should try loading the plugin again.

4. Proxy Configuration

It’s common for people to use VPNs to protect themselves from internet-based threats or malware attacks. However, the incorrect proxy configuration can result in a variety of problems, and add-on not loading is one of them. To configure the proxy settings on Kodi, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open settings on Kodi
  • Open the system tab
  • Scroll down to internet access
  • Then, just turn on “use proxy server”
  • In the server field, add the proxy server address
  • Now, type the port number, username, and password in the respective fields
  • Once done, save the changes and try loading the add-on again!

5. Firewall

If you are trying to load Argus TV on Kodi, there are chances that the firewall is causing the loading issues. In simpler words, a firewall will lead to an unstable connection between the repository and Kodi. The firewall can monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic, depending on the security rules. So, it’s recommended that you disable the firewall before you load the add-on.

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