Protected Management Frames ASUS: What Does It Do?

protected management frames asus
protected management frames asus

Over the years, the use of the internet has increased because people like being connected to each other. However, cases of cyber threats and hacking have increased in the same vein. With increased hacking, personal and business data is at the brisk of infringement and breaches. This is why PMFs have been designed to ensure wireless connection security. In this article, we are sharing everything that you need to know about PMF!

Protected Management Frames ASUS

PMF – What Is It?

PMF stands for the Protected Management Frames and are designed as standards. This standard is designed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure connection safety and security for Wi-Fi connections. With Project Management Frames, the multicast and unicast actions and frames are provided. This provision is conducted through WPA2/WPA3, which further enhances the packet privacy protections.

When it comes down to the unicast management action frames, they are offered protection from forges and eavesdropping. On the other hand, multitask management action frames are offered protection from forging along. If you are using the Passpoint, Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity, and Wi-Fi Agile Multiband, the need for PMF is a must.

PMF is an integral part of ASUS firmware to ensure ASUS modems and routers are promising the highest standards of privacy. In addition, it augments the privacy protection to enhance protection and resilience towards hacking acts. If you want to check the PMF settings on the ASUS, follow the below-mentioned guidelines;

  • Open the advanced settings
  • Move to the wireless option
  • Navigate to general
  • Scroll down, and you will find the Project Management Frames

What Does It Do?

In simpler words, when you enable the Protected Management Frames on ASUS, there will be no need for deauth. That’s to say because third-parties will be blocked away, and they won’t send the deauth frames. It is suggested that you enable the PMF on your Wi-Fi (yes, even if you are using 2G and 5G network brands).

Even more, it can be used to reduce the deauthentication frame utilization chances for the initiation of DoS. In addition, it will limit the MAC cloning because it can toggle the access points, creating an entryway into your Wi-Fi connection. All the ASUS devices are certified for 802.11AC, which means there is proper security available for ASUS modems and routers.


This is one form of encryption and has extreme wireless properties. In addition to PMF, there is MFP that offers protection between the AP and the client. But again, these are encryption standards. If you enable the MFP on your Wi-Fi, the negotiation will be completed for disassociation, QoS actions, and deauthentication.

When it comes down to the Protected Management Frames, it can sometimes lead to connectivity issues. That’s because the feature is usually supported only in Asus. Once you enable the PMF on Asus, it will not impact the connectivity on other Wi-Fi networks and routers (the disabled ones!).

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