Having Problem Setting Up pfSense With Google Fiber

pfsense google fiber
pfsense google fiber

Having an internet connection at your home is essential for most users. This is because most work is now done using this service. Although, when it comes to getting a connection. You have to carefully choose an ISP.

The speeds you will get depend on them as well as the quality of support. Talking about this, there might be numerous that you can choose between. But Google Fiber is a new service launched by Google that many people are getting nowadays.

The reason for this is the low costs as well as the high speeds this service provides its users with. If you are interested then you can visit the official website for Google Fiber. This will tell you all the details for which areas the service is available in as well as help you in getting the connection. Make sure that you choose the package carefully by going through the specifications. This will help you in the long run and provide you with the best possible speeds.

What is pfSense?

When you first subscribe to a package, the ISP will send in their team to install the connection at your home. This includes the wirings as well a modem. While some companies might have a router attached to the modem, others can provide a separate one. Although, whichever ISP you choose, the routers provided by them will have poor range.

Even the security on these is low which causes third-party applications to steal your data. Considering this, people use the routers made by pfSense on their modems instead. These are devices that come with a powerful firewall service and numerous other features.

You are even given support to several VPN services that you can choose between. These will work perfectly with your router allowing you to access the best possible speeds. Another great thing about pfSense is how easy it is to set up. Even if you are having any issues, then you can use the guide provided by them to help you out.

Having Problem Setting Up pfSense With Google Fiber

While most people have found no issues with setting up their pfSense routers with the Google Fiber box. Some users have run into issues. If you are one of them then you should note that there are two things that you have to look out for.

The first one is that you might be using the same configurations that had been set up while you were using the modem provided by Google. You can reset these and set up the configurations again to fix your problem. On the other hand, some people might simply be getting a low upload transfer rate.

If you are one of them then the problem is most likely with the tool you are using instead of the setup itself. You can simply use a better script or application that helps you test the speed of your connection. Alternatively, you can try uploading data yourself. You will then notice that the speeds you are getting are normal. This usually happens because some speed test applications can have trouble trying to calculate high transfer rates.

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