Is Port Forwarding Service Available On Google Fiber Network Box?

google fiber network box port forwarding
google fiber network box port forwarding

Whether you enjoy watching movies and listening to music or if you want to work faster. Having an internet connection is essential. This is because the service provides you with features that will help you out. You can even shop online and purchase stuff directly from websites instead of visiting stores.

This saves your time as well as helps you in having a better shopping experience. This is because you can check for the specifications of products you want to purchase on the spot. Alternatively, you can watch reviews about the product to help you in selecting the best one.

Google Fiber

When it comes to installing the connection at your home. There are some popular ISPs that you can go for. While all of these are amazing, one of the newest ISPs that people have been subscribing to is Google Fiber. This is the fiber optic internet service launched by Google which provides you with tons of data plans.

You are also provided with additional stuff along with the connection including extra storage space for drive. This can be used to backup your data online; you can access this whenever you want to as long as you have a working internet connection. There are many features that the network comes with although, one thing that people have been asking about is port forwarding.

Google Fiber Network Box Port Forwarding

Before using this service, you should know what it means. Port forwarding is mostly used to prevent unwanted traffic from accessing your network keeping it protected. You can even allow networks to access certain IP addresses or dedicate servers that will use different IPs. This comes in handy when you have more than one device on your connection or even when setting up LAN networks.

The service is available on Google Fiber. You can easily set it up without much trouble, but there are some steps that you have to follow. Before you start, make sure that you have set up the Google Fiber application on your mobile phone. This lets you configure the settings easily without having to access your computer from time to time.

You can even check out all the features using the application but make sure that you do not change any setting that you are unaware of. This can lead your device to run into problems and trying to pin down the exact setting that is causing this can be difficult. Getting back to enabling port forwarding, you can click on the menu on the application. Now select your network and access its settings.

This will take you to the configurations that can be changed. But you have to click on advances settings here to access the ports tab. Click on it and then press add a new port to begin the process. You can now add in ports and save changes which will automatically enable port forwarding on your device. Sometimes a reboot might be required before the services start functioning. You can even disable UPnP from the ports tab if required.

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