OpenVPN Waiting For Server: 3 Ways To Fix

openvpn waiting for server
openvpn waiting for server

OpenVPN has servers all over the world and their infrastructure for secure networking is setting new bars of standards for everyone to follow. All that adds to the fact that the connectivity on their servers is simply flawless and you get the right bandwidth application with top speeds and whatnot.

Needless to mention the fact that a state-of-the-art encryption protocol and several layers are there to keep your information safe from any sort of hacking or theft attempts. However, if you are facing issues like OpenVPN waiting for the server to be connected, while trying to enable the VPN, here are a few things you can do to fix this.

OpenVPN Waiting For Server

1) Check on the Internet Connection

While their system of servers and information is pretty foolproof. The same cannot be said for your ISP and there are tons of problems that one might be facing with their internet connection and coverage. You need to make sure that your internet connection is active and that you are getting the right speed on your network for your OpenVPN application to establish a secure VPN that you can use to access the internet without getting any problems.

The issue is faced when OpenVPN is unable to connect with the internet. So, first of all, check if your internet connection is active using some other application to make it sure. Then, you also need to run a speed check and make sure that your internet speed is fine to use the VPN application. If you find any such problems with your internet, you will need to contact your ISP first to have them fixed, and then you can make it work. However, if you find no such problems and your internet connection is working fine, you can move on to some other troubleshooting steps and those are:

2) Change Server Location

OpenVPN has servers all across the world and it allows you to choose what location you want to use to create a VPN that will be encrypting the data traffic over your internet connection. So, if you are getting this error on some server while trying to enable the application, you should try changing your server location and then connect again. The issue will most likely be resolved through this as the server might be getting more traffic or there are numerous other reasons.

Another thing that you can try in such cases is to toggle the button off and on again after a few moments to enable the VPN client and that is going to make it work flawlessly for you.

3) Contact Support

If you are unable to make it work even after trying the troubleshooting methods above, then there might be some technical issue with the network and it is best to let the experts handle it. OpenVPN has a team of friendly and knowledgeable experts who can help you with all sorts of issues including this. All you will need to do is give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you out of this situation.

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