NETGEAR Failed To Obtain IP Address: 3 Ways To Fix

netgear failed to obtain ip address
netgear failed to obtain ip address

Having a stable internet connection at your home has now become essential. This Is because the service is used for most work purposes as well as for entertainment. Though, when it comes to establishing a connection, there are two main ways that you can go. One of these is through an ethernet wire which does not require any additional configurations.

Moreover, you will get a much faster speed on this connection when compared to a wireless one. Though, there are also some problems that you can run into with your setups. Recently, Netgear users have been reporting that their router shows the error ‘failed to obtain an IP address when trying to configure their devices.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few common steps that should help you out.

NETGEAR Failed To Obtain IP Address

1) Reboot Router

If you have recently configured your router and are getting this problem when trying to access your connection. Then one reason for your issue can be that your network is having trouble trying to receive information from the modem.

Alternatively, there might be some files stored in the system of your router that needs manual removal. Both of these issues can be fixed by simply power cycling your device. You can switch it off and then wait for a few minutes. This should give it enough time to delete any files stored on its system. Once you boot your device back up, the problem you were previously getting should now be gone.

2) Reset Device

In some cases, people can accidentally change a setting that they were unaware of. These can then cause your device to run into problems. When trying to configure your router to work with a modem. There is not much configuration required. However, if you have tried to manually enter an IP address then that might be why you were getting the error.

Trying to pin down the exact settings you had changed will most likely take a lot of time. This is exactly why one better option is to reset your router instead. This should remove all the changes you had made reverting the device to its factory default state.

The process is quite simple and you only have to hold down a small pin behind the reset hole on your router. After a few seconds, the lights should start blinking indicating that your device is now being reset.

3) Change IP Address

While the steps mentioned above should help you in getting rid of the problem. If you are looking to use a custom IP address. Then one option is to try changing the address and see if another one works out for you. You can manually change these from the control panel of your device.

Login to the device using your credentials, after which you can browse through the advanced settings. Find the option to enter your IP address here and change it. Make sure that you save your changes once you are done.

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