4 Quick Solutions For NETGEAR C6250 Modem Lightning Bolt Flashing

netgear c6250 modem lightning bolt flashing
netgear c6250 modem lightning bolt flashing

Most modems and routers have several LED displays that assist to indicate the device’s current status. Even though some people dismiss them, they are critical in diagnosing problems with your modem/router.

Having said that, the NETGEAR C6250 also has various LED displays that show the modem’s operational and connection statuses. A common question about the NETGEAR C6250 modem lightning bolt flashing has been asked on various forums. In this article, we will discuss how to troubleshoot the problem.

NETGEAR C6250 Modem Lightning Bolt Flashing Issue:

The upstream and downstream LED displays on your NETGEAR router C6250 are represented by a lightning bolt sign. According to the user manual when the downstream LED flashes green, your modem is looking for additional downstream channels, and when the upstream LED blinks, your modem is looking for additional upstream channels. Since the LEDs should come back to the static state after scanning, if they are still flashing, there may be a problem with your modem.

1. Check For Cable Splitters:

Splitters are usually used to duplicate signals or in a more basic sense, they split your cable signals through multiple devices. Using cable splitters can weaken your signal and cause erratic connection issues. Since your downstream or upstream LED is flashing continuously your modem may be unable to communicate and receive consistent data from the internet to your devices or deliver data from the devices to the internet. This can be caused if you have a weak signal strength which can potentially be interfered with splitters. Therefore, if you have any splitters on your coaxial cables, make sure to remove them.

2. Defective Cables:

Oftentimes, defective or incompatible coaxial cables that connect to your modem and routers can cause data communication issues. This is why your modem is unable to send or receive data from the devices and the internet. To resolve the LED issue, ensure that you are using compatible and good-quality cables to make connections. Replace the existing cables with new ones and check to see if the problem is solved.

3. Factory Reset:

Your modem’s performance can be greatly affected by accumulated cache files and overtasking. Therefore, if certain features of your modem start misbehaving abruptly, it is a reasonable solution to reset the modem to its factory version. If the blinking LED issue is not solved until this step, try performing a factory reset to your router.

Locate the reset button at the back of your NETGEAR router and press it using a paperclip or a similar object. Hold the button for 5 seconds and release it to reset your modem. Turn off your modem and power it on again after 3 seconds.

4. Malfunctioning Hardware:

If the issue persists after performing a factory reset, it is viable to say that your modem is experiencing hardware malfunctioning. You can call NETGEAR customer care for further assistance or ask for a replacement.

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