Needs To Reauthenticate abc Apple TV: 3 Ways To Fix

needs to reauthenticate abc apple tv
needs to reauthenticate abc apple tv

Apple products are perceived to be pretty stable, given that they are running a dedicated OS intended for them only. This makes them more stable, with lesser errors and not many bugs at all. However, there are slight issues that you might face with Apple TV, once in a while that can cause you to have slight inconvenience. One of the most common errors that you can find on an Apple TV is that it might need to reauthenticate some application after some time. Once or twice in a blue moon is fine, but If you are having this issue often, and looking for some ways to have this fixed, here is how you can do it.

Needs To Reauthenticate abc Apple TV

1) Update the Application

Sometimes, you might be running an outdated version of the application and that can cause you to have serious issues like this. If that is the case, you need to check for the updates in the app store. Here, you will see if any update is available for your application. You can update the app version with a single click and it will solve the problem for you.

2) Re-authenticate using the remote

The first thing for you to know is how you can re-authenticate any such application using the remote. You need to press the TV button on your Siri Remote twice and it will activate the application switcher for you. Once you are there, you need to navigate to the application and swipe up on the touch surface to force close the application.

Once you have done that, the application will be closed from the interface. Now, you will need to got back to the home screen and press and hold the touch screen surface. This will enter apps into wiggle mode. Now, you will need to highlight and press the delete option there to delete the application. Once you have deleted it, re-download the app and manually login to the app again. This will solve the problem for you most of the time and you will not have to face the issue again.

3) Update your iOS

If you are facing the issue on multiple applications, or the error is still there after updating the application and re-authentication process, you might not have the latest version of iOS on your device. While most iOS versions don’t cause this problem, as Apple has excellent support for all their devices even those running the discontinued versions, you might still need to give it a try.

You need to navigate to the settings application and click on General menu. Here you will find a button saying software updates. Click on the button and it will check if you are running the latest version. If there are any updates available for your Apple TV, they will also be shown here and you can update your iOS easily from this menu. It might take some time and a few restarts to download and install the latest version, but once it is installed your issue will be solved for good.

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