Spectrum: Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type (8 Fixes)

missing bp configuration setting tlv type spectrum
missing bp configuration setting tlv type spectrum

Spectrum is one of the most used services for everyone who needs internet services. The internet outcome usually depends on the network settings and configuration of the files. So, if there is any issue in configuration files, the missing BP configuration setting TLV type Spectrum will appear. This error will lead to an unstable internet connection. So, in this article, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods in this article to streamline the internet connection for you!

Spectrum: Missing BP Configuration Setting TLV Type

1) Timeout Value

When you increase the timeout value, the internet connection will increase the reconnection and will promise stability. With this being said, you can increase the timeout value by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press Windows and R key at one time
  • Enter “regedit” in the field
  • Go to internet settings
  • Navigate to Receive Timeout
  • Then, increase the value to 100
  • Save the settings and restart the computer

2) DHCP Renewal

With DHCP Renewal, the IP address is updated, and it will optimize the configuration settings. With this being said, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Press Windows and R key to open the command box
  • Write down cmd in the field
  • Now, press the ctrl, enter, and shift button for executing the command as an administrator
  • Then, launch different commands, and it will renew the DHCP

3) Host Files

If your device has been infected with the bad and adverse host files, the configuration will be infected, and the internet will have interfered. So, you need to make sure that there are no bad host files on the computer. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps for checking the bad host files;

  • Open the command box by pressing the Windows and R key
  • Write down “system/drivers/etc/hosts” in the field
  • If any website is listed in the results, these are bad host files, and you must delete them
  • The error will be taken care of

4) Internet Settings

When it comes down to the internet connection issues, you must always check the internet settings while struggling with the missing BP configuration setting. With this being said, you can choose the following steps;

  • Open the command box by pressing the Windows and R key
  • Write down inetcpl.cpl in the field
  • Now, go to the LAN and connection settings
  • Uncheck the automatically detect settings and use a proxy server for LAN (yes, both of them)
  • Save the settings and restart your computer to access unhindered internet access

5) Browser

For everyone who is unable to get the internet connection back on track given the configuration issue, you need to choose the right browser. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox can cause the issue. So, we suggest using a different browser than you usually use. A different browser will give out a different IP address and optimize better internet service.

In the same vein, some people use browser extensions, but it can impact the internet. So, make sure that you have disabled the browser extensions to streamline high-end internet connection.

6) Router Reboot

The routers are designed to direct the internet signals to your devices. On the other hand, if there are wrong configuration settings, the internet connection will be hindered. With this being said, the router reboot will seamlessly fix the minor file configuration glitches. However, these issues can be taken care of with the router rebooting.

For rebooting the router, you need to switch off the router (either through the power button or power cord) and wait for 30 seconds before switching it back on. In the same vein, you need to update the router’s firmware. The firmware will instill the updated configuration files, hence the better performance and removal of missing BP configuration error.

7) DNS Server

With the underlying issues in the DNS server, the internet connection and configuration issues will be established. In this case, you need to change the DNS server. Google DNS is the free server, but you will need to check the router compatibility for that.

8) Technical Support

If the troubleshooting methods are not fixing the missing BP configuration settings issues, you need to dial up Spectrum customer support. You can ask them to direct you to the technical support. The technical support department will either offer the fixes or send the technician to your place to have a look at the issue (and solve it, of course!).

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