10 Best Alternatives To Clearwire

alternative to clearwire
alternative to clearwire

Clearwire has been one of the most preferred internet providers for users. For years, people have been using their highly reliable internet connections. However, Clearwire shut down back in 2015, and people are still looking for alternatives to Clearwire. That being said, we are sharing the reliable alternatives to Clearwire!

Alternative To Clearwire

1) T1

T1 should be the first choice for people who need an alternative to Clearwire. T1 is the fiber optic internet line that can deliver high-speed internet. The best thing about T1 is that they are readily available. However, keep in mind that T1 is more expensive as compared to cable and DSL. It usually starts from $175 and ranges up to $500 on a monthly basis.

T1 promises enterprise performance when it comes down to the SLA. T1 is available in the majority of locations, even remote locations. For the people who have a phone line, T1 is a promising choice for the users. On the contrary, T1 has higher costs. In addition, T1 is designed at symmetrical 1.5M x 1.5M.

2) LTE Connections

For the people who need wireless connections, they can opt for LTE connections. This is because the LTE connections can deliver LTE and cellular connections. There are various wireless services available in professional and engineered infrastructures. LTE connections utilize the top-notch hardware for promising high-end cellular signals, and signals will be boosted.

The LTE connections are integrated with SLA for promising better performance and optimizes the jitter, throughput, and latency. On the other hand, the LTE connections are usually the cellular data plans and tend to have caps. The caps will range from 5GB to 100GB. In addition, the LTE connections will have higher costs.

3) Satellite Connection

This is one of the most used internet connections. The satellite connections include the dish internet and tend to be reasonable. But again, satellite connections have data caps. Some users believe that the satellite connections are slow and latent. However, there are dedicated, and business-grade satellite internet solutions for high-end internet performance but will have higher costs!

4) Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is a fiber optic service that was first launched back in 2005. It’s safe to say that the fiber internet service is pretty high-performance. Verizon Fios is available in more than ten states if you ask about the East Coast. In addition, Verizon has a DSL service. They have a wide range of plans available, ranging up to 904Mbps.

5) CenturyLink

CenturyLink provides internet services in more than fifty states. They have a DSL internet connection, and they have designed fiber internet as well. They have developed the price-for-life feature, which is pretty amazing. Their plans range from 100Mbps to 940Mbps, which meets the different internet needs of the users.

6) Spectrum

Spectrum has internet services available in around forty-one states. Spectrum has designed fiber internet and broadband services for the business as well as residential users. As far as the internet plans are concerned, they have plans up to 940Mbps. The best thing about Spectrum is that there are no data caps, so the internet speed will be top-notch.

7) Frontier

For people who need fiber internet and DSL internet plans, Frontier is a promising choice. There are no data caps involved with Fronter, and even more, the internet plans are available at a reasonable range. The best thing about Frontier is that it has internet plans ranging from 6Mbps to 940Mbps.

8) Cox

Cox is a diverse service provider since they have designed the phone and internet services. They have fiber internet and cable broadband which meets the different internet needs of the users.

9) Suddenlink

Suddenlink is actually the cable provider and has internet and cable TV services. In addition, they have phone services. The availability of cable broadband and fiber internet services is our favorite. The promotional pricing is great, and users don’t even need the contract.

10) Sparklight

You might remember Sparklight as Cable One, and they have designed the internet, telephone service, and cable TV services. Sparklight is serving in more than nineteen states and is one of the most famous cable providers in the US. The internet plans of Sparklight range from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps. However, there are data caps with Sparklight, so that’s something you need to keep an eye on!

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