How To Remove Video Source On Kodi? Explained

kodi remove video source
kodi remove video source

If you enjoy using your television for movies and TV shows. Then you should already know that there are mainly two options for you to get cable service. One of these is done by installing a receiver in your home. You can then use this to catch on signals from a satellite service. The second option is through coaxial cables. This one works best if you already have a coaxial setup in your house.

However, if you do not, then getting these wires installed can be a hassle. Aside from this, the overall quality that you will get is not even that great. Additionally, people have reported getting numerous problems with their cable services. Considering this, one option is to use the new media platforms that have recently been released.


Kodi is among the most popular media platforms that people use all around the world. The main reason for its popularity is that the application is free to use. Additionally, it has support for almost every platform that you can use. Considering this, even if you use another media platform, then trying out Kodi is a good option. You can install it directly from their website and then proceed to make your account. The user can then start accessing all the features provided by them which are all amazing.

You are provided with the option to watch movies, listen to music and even play games on the service. These are all easily accessible through their interface which you should not have much trouble trying to go through. Furthermore, you can even use your account on different platforms. The benefit of doing this is that your library will be shared across the different devices.

The user can then continue watching a show where they had previously left it at. Though, one downside to this feature that many people complain about is the video sources. As you connect different platforms to your Kodi account. The application will keep on adding new video sources to its interface. These can start to gather up and even if you remove a device that you no longer use.

The video source option for it will still be available. Considering this, people who use a lot of devices can find it hard to browse through all of these sources. This is exactly why they want to remove some of these that are no longer in use. However, you might be confused about how this can be done. This is why we will provide you with a few ways that you can try to remove video sources from your Kodi account.

How To Remove Video Source On Kodi?

Getting to how you can remove the different video sources that you have added from Kodi. There are several ways that you can try for this. If some of these do not work for you then you can try the other ones. One of the simplest methods is to open up your video sources. You can then hover over the source that you want to remove. Now long-press the left button on your remote to open up the options menu.

If you are on a computer then you can press the ā€˜Cā€™ button. This should show you a few options now that you can browse between. Select delete here to remove the video source from your program. If you are having trouble with this then one option is to remove video sources directly from the settings.

For this, you will have to go to the videos tab. Now click on files and you will see all the sources provided. You can go through these to remove any sources that you want to delete.

On a computer system, you should be able to right-click on the sources to find the delete option. Although, on a remote, you will have to long-press the left button just like before. If you are still having trouble then you might be running an older firmware version on your device.

The update before Kodi 14 did not provide users with the option to remove their video sources. Considering this, you can solve the problem by simply updating your application. You can do this from your settings or install a new version from the website directly.

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