3 Common Kodi Error Codes With Solutions

kodi error codes
kodi error codes

Kodi is a famous media player application that is free to use. The user can install the program on multiple devices including computer systems and even mobile phones. Aside from this, you can start access the features provided by Kodi by making your account. This is quite easy to set up and the only requirement for this program is having a good internet connection.

You can watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, and even play games on the device. There are tons of other services that come with this application as well out of which the error codes are one of them.

These help you in identifying if there is an issue with the device. So, that you can get rid of it as soon as possible. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a few Kodi Error codes along with their fixes.

Kodi Error Codes

  1. Kodi Error Code 403

The error code 304 on Kodi means that the file you are trying to access is Forbidden. This can be due to several reasons including either a problem with your application. Alternatively, the file can be hidden preventing you to access it.

You must go through all the steps carefully to ensure that your problem gets fixed. You can start by checking the file you are trying to open. In some cases, if the user is trying to open a pirated file then this error can also appear.

Make sure that you do not have these on your system, as there are tons of other problems that you can get into when trying to access these. The company can even cut off your subscription if they feel like the data is copyright infringed.

Though, if that is not the case then you can check if the file is not hidden. If it is then either access the hidden folder and open the file or remove it from there to prevent the issue.

You can even manually open the file from the database on your device but this can be complicated for most users. This is why it is better than check a guide online to walk you through the whole procedure.

Aside from this, if you feel like none of these steps are working for you then you can try rebooting your system. Sometimes just removing the file from your storage and then trying to access can open it up. This is because there might be an interruption during the download process previously which can cause the file to get corrupt.

  1. Kodi Error Code 503

When trying to use your Kodi application, the user can sometimes run into the error code 503. This is quite common and means that the service you are trying to access is unavailable. Usually, this is an indication that the servers for Kodi are currently down.

Most outages like these happen when the company is either updating their servers or if they are simply going through maintenance. You can search for the live status of Kodi online to find if there are any outages in your area.

Many websites report this and you can even find posts written on forums about it. This problem should be fixed on its own in some time by Kodi. Though, if you notice that there are no reports about it online then the company might not be aware of your issue.

You can contact them and tell them about the problem in detail to get your services fixed as soon as possible. Providing the support team with detailed info can help in identifying the issue faster so keep that in mind.

  1. Kodi Error Code 192

When trying to use your application, another common error code that the user can get is 192. This means that the cache files on your program are causing it to run into problems. Considering this, removing these temporary files from your system should allow the program to start working again.

You can easily remove these on your mobile phone by opening up the application settings and then selecting Kodi. As for your computer system, you can either delete the files from the settings of your app or the browser depending on which one you use.

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