How to Use SpaceX Starlink App? (Basic User Guide)

how to use spacex starlink app
how to use spacex starlink app

Internet is the talk of everybody’s life as it has made itself an essential part of our lives. Having a reliable and stable internet connection is a charm as well as a necessity. Speaking of which, Starlink is a company that provides internet access to areas where standard internet is unreachable.

Many users get skeptical when wanting to set up a satellite internet but with the Starlink app, it is rather easy and convenient. Therefore, in this article, we will give a step-by-step framework for how to use the SpaceX Starlink app.

How to Use SpaceX Starlink App?

Starlink app is a great way to minimize the effort required to set up and monitor your internet connection. Oftentimes finding a good location for your dish to sit is one of the tasks that usually gets users frustrated at times. But with the Starlink app, you can set up your dish location within minutes and run your internet conveniently just a few clicks away. Since the satellites are way far to configure and diagnose from the user the app does all the necessary work for you but there is some step that should be considered while wanting to set up the Starlink app.

  1. Starlink app is available for both iOS and Android devices so all you have to do is to go to your play or app store and search for the Starlink app.
  2. Once the app is installed you launch it and click the start setup button.
  3. Now you can use your phone camera to scan the area where you have set up your Starlink dish.
  4. Point your phone up at the sky and follow some creative positioning to view the area
  5. The app will highlight green dots on your screen which will tell the unscanned areas within the dish’s field.
  6. Once you find your position your dish will be set up.
  7. Go to the app and click the Open Wi-Fi settings option.
  8. Join the network.
  9. Now you have to set up your Starlink network with a username and password to make it secure.
  10. Connect the Starlink’s network to your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  11. Now check on your app whether the terminal has connected to the Starlink satellites.
  12. Now your app will align to any of the satellites in the orbit.
  13. Wait up to a few minutes and your Starlink network is successfully set up.

The Starlink app has a great interface which means you can easily set up and monitor your Starlink network. The time of setting up your internet may take time depending upon your locality. Since Starlink’s satellites are enough to cope with a small area or area that does not have a great population, it may take time for your app to connect and align to the satellites if you are in a big city as the network might get congested. So it is advised to get a satellite system if your area is small.

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