Use PureVPN For Netflix in 6 Steps

how to use purevpn for netflix
how to use purevpn for netflix

Online video streaming has become the ultimate guilty pleasure for everyone, and Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms available. Netflix is loaded with a never-ending range of movies, TV shows, and they have recently launched free games for the users as well. However, many people use PureVPN with the streaming platform, and they don’t know the correct usage method, so let’s check out the details!

How To Use PureVPN For Netflix?

Netflix has become the biggest online VoD streaming platform, but the content varies with countries, given the licensing issues. The availability of the content and entertainment library depends on your location, which means if your country isn’t licensed to offer some content, you won’t be able to access it on your account. For this reason, people use PureVPN because it can mask your location, which allows the users to access whichever content they want as it removes the geographical barrier.

PureVPN can help bypass the VPN-blocking system of Netflix pretty efficiently. For instance, it can be used to unblock the content libraries from Australia, Canada, UK, and US. Having said that, if you want to access content that’s launched in any of these countries, you can depend on PureVPN. In the section below, we are sharing how you can use PureVPN for Netflix, such as;

  1. Open the internet browser and open the PureVPN official website to purchase a subscription
  2. Once you have purchased the subscription, you need to download and install PureVPN on the device
  3. Add the account details, including username and password, to sign in
  4. Now, choose the stream mode and choose Netflix according to the region (you can utilize the channels tab for this purpose)
  5. In case you are using the PureVPN browser extension, you need to select Netflix from the tab that says, “popular websites”
  6. Now, use your Netflix account details to sign in to the Netflix account, and you will be able to access the content on Netflix

How To Streamline PureVPN For Netflix?

There was a time when Netflix launched a crackdown on VPNs, and even PureVPN was impacted by the VPN-blocking features. Ever since then, some users have complained about PureVPN not working with Netflix. In particular, the users struggle with the “Netflix proxy server” whenever they try to access Netflix with the help of PureVPN.

However, today, PureVPN works pretty well with Netflix, particularly if you need to access the content library from Australia, US, Canada, and UK, as it can unblock the content from these locations without any hassle. This is because PureVPN has acquired more than 6500 servers to make sure you are connected to the most reliable server. In addition, PureVPN has a streaming mode available that streamlines the streaming experience.

The best thing about PureVPN is that it promises HD streaming quality, even if you are using the proxy for streaming the content. In the US, PureVPN works in Ashburn, Chicago, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, and Seattle. On the other hand, PureVPN works in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney when it comes down to the Australian region.

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