How To Get Free Internet With Clear Modem?

how to get free internet with clear modem
how to get free internet with clear modem

The internet comes with numerous features. You can share information between users, store your data online in cloud services and even stream movies. Evens banks and businesses have now switched to using the internet in their workspace. This is because of how easy it is to use and the features provided to the users.

Though, when getting to using the internet on your devices, there are several ways that you can go for. One of these is to have a network set up at your home. This includes optical wiring, DSL, and even satellite connections. On the other hand, you can use your SIM card and subscribe to a data plan. While this is mostly intended for mobile use, you can share the data to your devices using the hotspot feature.

Clear Modem

When setting up a network at your home, the user has to first select an ISP. They can then purchase a package from them and then should be provided with a modem. You can set this up to start using your internet connection without much trouble.

Now getting to one of the most unique modems that were available back in the day. Clear Modem was a similar service that required you to purchase data plans similar to mobile phones. The modem itself worked like a hotspot device and allowed people to connect their devices with the internet. The best thing about using this device was how cheap the packages on it were.

How To Get Free Internet With Clear Modem?

Talking about Clear Modem, some people found out a trick to get free internet on their modems. This allowed them to get unlimited access to data plans without having to purchase any packages. However, many people question if this can still be done. The short answer for this is ‘no’. While the Clear Modem is still available to be purchased on some online stores even now.

The device itself was discontinued after the company was bought out by Sprint. Considering this, even if you get access to the Clear Modem now, there is no way to get access to free internet through it. Additionally, you should note that the device is completely useless now as not even the paid packages on it will work.

Using Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you are still wondering if there is any way you can get access to a free internet connection. Then you should note that some websites provide users with these services. However, most of these are available in certain regions and will only work there. Additionally, the speed for them can be extremely slow though, you can try them out if you are interested.

On the other hand, another option is to use applications that provide you with free Wi-Fi hotspot areas near you. These are public Wi-Fi connections provided by facilities that you can use whenever you want. The only requirement to use them is to be within the range of their network. Considering this, there are many libraries and similar areas that provide these Wi-Fi hotspots to their users.

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