How To Enable UPnP On Spectrum Router?

how to enable upnp on spectrum router
how to enable upnp on spectrum router

Believe it or not, the internet has progressed a great deal, and there are technologies you don’t know exist. One such feature is the Universal Plug and Play (commonly written as UPnP) through which users can line out the enabled devices of the network infrastructure. For now, UPnP can be used only on Windows XP and Windows Me. So, if you are considering how to enable UPnP on Spectrum router, we have got the answers for you!

How To Enable UPnP On Spectrum Router?

Enabling UPnP on Spectrum Router

So, if you are using the Spectrum router and internet connection, and now you are interested in enabling the UPnP to see the enabled devices in the network, we have added the steps in the section below!

  • First of all, you need to open the web browser
  • Type the Spectrum router’s IP address in the URL bar (the IP address is written on the backside of the router)
  • A new page will open up; add admin in the username bar and leave the password bar blank and press the OK button
  • Go to tools and tap on Misc. on the left
  • The UPnP settings section will open up
  • Scroll down and select, “enabled using the radio button.”
  • Hit the apply button and click on the continue button to save the settings

Why Enabling UPnP Is The Right Choice?

First of all, you will be able to discover the devices. In addition, some people find it hard to connect to the network if they don’t have an IP address of the device. So, UPnP will allow the automatic discovery of these devices and optimize the seamless connection. It usually depends on the purpose of the UPnP capable device because oftentimes, it can offer more than signaling about the devices. For instance, it can be utilized to monitor the internet connection (you can even control it).

Things To Consider

First things first, the routers usually have the UPnP disabled by default. In some cases, some routers are installed with the firmware, which restricts the utilization of UPnP, but you can update the router in that case. However, there are some routers that doesn’t allow UPnP at all. With this being, you need to check the support (Spectrum router supports it).

Also, before you enable UPnP, make sure that the router is updated because only then can you access the UPnP page on the configuration page. If you have a basic router, UPnP is often named as device discovery or port mapping facilities. For people who need to check if the UPnP is working properly, you can check it through the app logs (and some services will start working automatically).

If you have MSN Messenger, you can line out if UPnP is working or not if it’s establishing a connection. However, if the internet signals crash, know that UPnP support is not high-end. In some cases, the hardware doesn’t have the capability to conduct mapping. The bottom line is that UPnP is a highly beneficial service, so do enable it if you have Spectrum router.

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