How To Block VPN On WiFi? Explained

how to block vpn on wifi
how to block vpn on wifi

People all around the world have started to use the services provided by the internet. Whether it be for entertainment or work purposes, the service has tons of features that come with it. You can easily access all of these by having a stable connection to your device. These include making calls, storing data, and even sharing it between people.

Though, you should note that this requires you to have a cloud service on your device. There are tons of packages that you can subscribe to for these. After which the user can store their data and access it whenever they want to. However, there is still a chance of your information getting leaked or stolen from a third-party source. This is why some people use VPN programs to keep their data secured.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is a private network that runs over any public network that you want to access. You can then send data and receive it from the public address while all the information about your device is secured through the private network. The best thing about using these programs is that you can access data that was blocked in your region.

Aside from this, you can even visit websites without having to worry about your information getting leaked to a third-party source. Many reliable companies manufacture these programs. While some of these are free to use, the best features will only be accessible when you purchase the entire package.

How to Block VPN On Wi-Fi?

Using a VPN program has tons of benefits, though, some people might want to block these VPN programs on their Wi-Fi. This can be because users on their network are accessing blocked sites or bypassing the network using these applications.

Considering this, you should note that it can be quite difficult to block VPN programs from your Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, there is a small chance that this will work for you as most people have reported it not blocking VPNs from their network.

Getting into how you can do this. The only method to try blocking off VPN programs on your connection is through the NAT passthrough features. This should be accessible on most routers. If you are unaware of where the setting is then log in to your router using your credentials. If you do not remember these then try using the default ones. These are ‘admin’ for both username and password.

Once you have gotten through the main page, proceed to find the NAT Passthrough and disable the L2TP option from here. This is the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol which is used by most VPN programs of ISP to deliver their encrypted data.

Considering this, if the VPN program being used on your network was accessing the information through this channel then it should now stop working. However, if it is still working it might be using some other method to access the data. You can try changing between the different NAT types to see if disabling any other one works out for you. Though, there is a high chance that this will not work.

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