GTK Rekeying For WoWLAN: Explained

gtk rekeying for wowlan
gtk rekeying for wowlan

GTK is one of those free and open-source cross-platforms widget toolkit which is designed for producing creative (GUIs) graphical user interfaces. This software platform is all open for the local public without any cost. However, GTK has been licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. These licensing terms make GTK available for both free and proprietary software programs to utilize it. GTK stands for “Group Temporal Key” and the GTK Rekey is used for encryption and decryption of network traffic. They have two options available; Enabled (which is at default) and Disabled. In this article, we will walk you through a relevant description of this software platform—GTK rekeying for WoWLAN.

You must be wondering what is WoWLAN? Let us clue you in. After that, we will have descriptive notions regarding the rekeying of GTK for WoWLAN a.k.a Wake on Wireless LAN technology.

What Is WoWLAN?

Just like the working and functionality of Wake-on-LAN (WoL), the similar technology (WoWLAN) Wake on Wireless LAN lets you enable the remote wake-up of workstations or simply your PCs, via standby power state to facilitate device management.

WoWLAN technology is designed based on well-established WoL standards that are used over wired Ethernet networks. This technology can provide similar functionality and benefits as WoL. There is just one distinct point; WoL operates on Ethernet while WoWLAN operates on wireless ones.

Although when it comes to the overall functionality of these two technologies, they are not entirely equivalent to each other as there are a few serious limitations that prevent multiple organizations from considering WoWLAN a viable technology.

GTK Rekeying For WoWLAN

WoWLAN technology has driven the tech industry to the point where you don’t have to get up and push the power button for network availability. Your PC can be accessed easily from any route (the selected ones).

GTK Intel provides a wide range of network adaptors that maximize your wireless network performance and prevent intermittent connection losses. The profound settings for the GTK Intel vary on the basis of the capabilities of each model’s Wi-Fi card.

Users have successfully configured and rekeyed WoWLAN on their GTK Intel Processors to make the encryption more blissful. Your PCs can get awakened as soon as your router does.

All the Intel users, including me, have WOWLAN enabled on our desktops as it works all fine with the face that GTK rekeying wakes the computer. The intermittent connection losses and encryption issues eventually get resolved with it.

Moreover, with the Intel processors, you have the option “GTK rekeying for WoWLAN” enabled in the wireless card settings which are also offloaded and enabled in your PC’s OS. Although, both Intel and Microsoft have much more of similar functionality and working when it comes to rekeying WoWLAN on their GTK Intel.


When GTK is rekeyed for WoWLAN technology, many of the power wake-up calls are enabled along with the lesser chances of facing encryption issues. Although, you can stop the unexpected wakeups by simply disabling the encryption key in your router.

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