Does Data Saver Affect WiFi? (Answered)

does data saver affect wifi
does data saver affect wifi

The data saver mode has made it effortless for users to cut back on mobile data usage on their devices. With the increase in online applications, it is pretty common for users to burn through a lot of cellular data through background data usage. If you’re working with a limited data plan, then it can have a massive impact on the monthly data budget. For this reason, more and more users are switching towards Data Saver applications and the built-in Android features to have better control over data usage. Some owners have asked recently about the effect of data savers on WiFi. So, let’s cover this question in detail.

Does Data Saver Affect WiFi? 

The impact of Data Saver mode is primarily related to restricting cellular data usage by background applications. You won’t have to worry about the same issue while you’re connected to Wi-Fi, and several experts have pointed out that the Data Save mode does not affect Wi-Fi. So, as long as you’re connected to a secure Wi-Fi connection, all apps working in the background will have access to the network.

So, the answer to the question “Does Data Saver Affect Wi-Fi” is “No,” you don’t have to worry about the restriction on the background applications as long as you’re using the Wi-Fi network. The Data Saver mode is only effective in driving down the monthly cellular data usage and saving money for users with a limited budget.

However, if you’re looking to restrict the background data usage on all networks, then there are several applications available on the Play Store. Any one of these data management applications can be used to restrict the background data usage by the application on Wi-Fi. So, even though data saver does not affect Wi-Fi, you can rely on other methods to restrict the data usage. Just make sure to go through the reviews of these third-party applications before installing them on your phone.

The default data saver mode in your system is great for managing the overall data usage through cellular networks. While the data through the router offers more bandwidth, you’ve only access to a limited amount of data through the cellular network. It is not that rare for users to burn through all of this data in a few days. So, if you want to stretch out the monthly data subscription, it might be a good idea to take a look at the data saver mode and other third-party applications.

To Conclude

There is no impact of Data Saver mode on Wi-Fi usage. This option is only linked with the management of cellular data, which is quite limited for most users. So, you don’t have to worry about restricted data access from the background applications on Wi-Fi. Everything will work perfectly as long as you have a stable router connection. On the other hand, access will be pretty limited when it comes to cellular data. You can further go through the data saver configurations to allow access to some applications that are not that demanding when it comes to the data requirements.

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