3 Fixes For Error Code 90 On Disney Plus Help Center

disney plus help center error code 90
disney plus help center error code 90

Disney Plus is a great streaming platform for people who want never-ending entertainment because they have a variety of movies and TV shows available in different genres. Having said that, millions of people use this streaming service, but many of them complain about Disney Plus help center error code 90, which is why we have added the reason and solutions for this error code!

Error Code 90 On Disney Plus Help Center

The error code 90 means that the IP address has been blocked by Disney, or there are chances that the router has an improper configuration. This is because either of these reasons can hinder the passage of requests to the Disney Plus platform. For the most part, this error is independent of the device (it will appear on one device only). So, let’s check out the solutions!

1. Reboot The Device & Router

Since the error is caused by configuration errors and IP address issues, you need to reboot the device as well as the internet router. The correct reboot steps include;

  • Turn off your router as well as the device you are using for streaming Disney Plus
  • Unplug the devices from the power outlet, and don’t forget to unplug the internet cable of the router
  • Now, wait for three to five minutes and reconnect the device to the power source
  • Switch on the router and let it achieve a stable connection, so it can connect to the internet
  • Then, connect the internet on the device and try streaming again on Disney Plus

2. Delete & Reinstall Disney Plus

Improper installation is one of the most common reasons behind error code 90, which is why we recommend that you delete the Disney Plus app from your device and reinstall it after some time. If you don’t know the deleting and reinstallation steps, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Open the settings on the device and open the application manager
  • Tap on Disney Plus
  • Scroll down to find the uninstall button and press it
  • Now, just confirm the uninstallation
  • Once the app is deleted, reboot your device and download the Disney Plus app again

3. Choose A Different Internet Connection

There are high chances that the error code 90 appears on Disney Plus when the IP address is restricted by the company. For this reason, we suggest that you try out a different internet connection. However, before you choose a different internet connection, we suggest that you check the VPN connection and disconnect from it. However, if disconnecting the VPN doesn’t work, you can shift to a new internet connection. You can also call your internet service provider to optimize the router configuration to make sure the internet connection is streamlined.

4. Router Firewall

With the increasing security threats on the internet, people have started using router firewalls to secure the internet connection. However, these firewalls can slow down the internet and lead to configuration errors. That being said, if you have enabled a router firewall on the internet network, disable it to stream Disney Plus without any interruptions.

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