Disney Plus Error Code 93 – 5 Self-Checks To Do

disney plus error code 93
disney plus error code 93

It’s needless to say that Disney Plus is one of the best OTT platforms out there and promises a great dose of entertainment for every subscriber. However, Disney Plus error code 93 has been bugging a lot of users, which is why it’s important to understand the root cause of the error code as well as the solution. So, let’s get into details!

Disney Plus Error Code 93 Fix

Error code 93 is basically a streaming error, with which the streaming stops and the screen becomes frozen. As a result, the users are unable to stream content. The error code occurs when the streaming platform identifies suspicious activities related to login. In simpler words, it occurs when someone else uses your login credentials in closer proximity. In addition, it can be caused by server and cache issues. Now, let’s check out the solutions!

1. Server

The first solution is to check the server of Disney Plus because it might be down. In the majority of cases, the Disney Plus server is down when there is maintenance work going on or if there is excess traffic on the streaming platform. You can check Disney Plus’s social media platforms to see if they have notified the users about a server outage. In addition, you can contact customer support to confirm the server status. Anyhow, if the server is down, just wait for a few minutes, and the server will be live again.

2. Internet Connection

In some cases, error code 93 is caused by an unstable or weak internet connection. For this reason, we suggest that you perform the speed test to check if you are receiving high-speed internet signals or not. In case the speed is slow, you need to upgrade the internet plan to get high-speed internet. On the other hand, if the internet speed is okay, you can reboot the internet router as it helps refresh the internet signals. For rebooting the router, disconnect the internet router, wait for five minutes, reconnect the wires, and connect your devices to the internet connection.

3. Update The App

The third solution is to update your Disney Plus app. This is because the company launches new updates regularly to fix the bugs that are causing installation and streaming errors. So, open the device settings and update the Disney Plus app if it’s available. On the other hand, if you cannot update the app, you can delete the Disney Plus app and re-install it after some time (you should reboot the device before streaming Disney Plus again).

4. Cookies & Cache

Depending on the device you are using for streaming Disney Plus, you have to clear the cookies data and cache from the device to fix error code 93. This is because the corrupt cache and cookies can lead to streaming errors. Usually, clearing the app’s cookies and the cache will resolve the issue, but you can also try removing the internet browser’s cache and cookies.

5. Use Another Device

The last solution is to shift to a different streaming device. For instance, if you are using the TV for streaming Disney Plus, you can shift to a smartphone. However, if you are streaming on Google Chrome, log in to Disney Plus on Firefox or any other browser.

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