Dish Tailgater vs King Tailgater: What’s the Difference?

dish tailgater vs king tailgater
dish tailgater vs king tailgater

If you are looking for a reliable Satellite TV service, Dish is one of the best options to consider. It is a very popular option among users. Dish has partnered with some of the best satellite antenna makers to bring reliable and affordable Dish exclusive models for the users.

Dish Tailgater manufactured by King and the Dish Playmaker manufactured by Winegard is two of the most popular antenna models that the users can choose from. Here is a detailed comparison of the two.

Dish Tailgater vs King Tailgater

Dish Tailgater Manufactured by King

Dish Tailgaters are manufactured by King. They come in five different models. These include Tailgater 1, Tailgater 2, Tailgater 3, Tailgater 4, and Tailgater pro. Tailgater 1 is the oldest model. The Tailgater 4 and the Tailgater pro are the latest models. They have a state of the art built and have some amazing features.

Specifications & Design

For this comparison, we will only be looking at the Dish Tailgater 4 which is the latest model. It is manufactured by King. It supports SD as well as HD programming. You can use it on the roof of an RV, a house, or on the ground. It is important to remember that it is only intended to be used in a stationary position. Here are the key specifications of the Dish Tailgater 4 manufactured by King.

  • It has a height of 13.5 inches, a width of 18.75 inches, and a length of 17 inches. It weighs 8 pounds.
  • Tailgater 4 is only available in the white color.
  • It features a weather-resistant cover that allows it to withstand extreme weather.


Dish Tailgater 4 manufactured by King, is a portable antenna system that is intended for tailgating on the ground or a rooftop. Here are some of its key features

  • Dish Tailgater 4 is intended to work with the Dish Programming only. You can use it for the SD as well as the HD Dish programming.
  • It supports the Dish Subscriptions that are already taken up by the users.
  • If you want to utilize the Dish Tailgater 4 without getting stuck in a contract, you can opt for the Dish pay-as-you-go service.
  • It is fully automatic. It automatically acquires the signals from the supported satellites and it can automatically switch between the different supported satellites based on the program selection.
  • Dish Tailgater 4 does not require any separate power source. All the power requirements go through your receiver.

Dish Playmaker Manufactured by Winegard

The DISH Playmaker is a family of satellite antennas manufactured by Winegard. There are currently two models of Dish Playmaker available. The first one is the Dish Playmaker Portable Satellite Antenna. It supports only single-channel viewing. The second one is the Dish Playmaker Dual Portable Satellite Antenna. It supports dual channel viewing.

The great thing about these antennas is that they are really easy to install and they support the Dish HD programming, as well as the pay-as-you, go service.

Specifications & Design

Dish Playmaker has a dome-like shape. It is fully portable and has very lightweight. Here are the key specifications and design details of the Dish Playmaker manufactured by Winegard.

  • Dish Playmaker has a 16-inch diameter and it is 13 inch high. It weighs 7 pounds.
  • The Dish Playmaker models are very durable thanks to the military-grade aluminum alloy reflector. Other than providing durability, it also improves the signal strength by more than 20% when it is compared to the previous models.
  • You can get the single-channel version in white color. The dual-channel version is available in two color options, white and black.
  • The plastic dome of the Dish Playmaker features UV protection. It keeps the inner components safe from sun damage and harsh weather conditions.


Dish Playmaker manufactured by Winegard can be mounted on the roof, used on top of an RV, or even on the ground. Here are some of the key features of the Dish Playmaker.

  • The Dish Playmaker can be used with any Dish Subscription. You can easily add the receiver to the account and you will get access to all the channels through the receiver.
  • If you want to utilize the Dish Playmaker without getting stuck in a contract, you can opt for the Dish pay-as-you-go service.
  • It is only intended for stationary use.
  • Dish Playmaker does not require a lot of maintenance. You can just wipe the dome once or twice a month with a cloth and some warm water to clear off the dust.


Both, Dish Playmaker and Dish Tailgater and reliable satellite antennas with their own set of pros and cons. Dish Tailgater is manufactured by King. On the other hand, Dish Playmaker is manufactured by Winegard. Both are highly-reputed companies with a proven track record.

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