DD-WRT Bandwidth Monitoring: How It Works?

dd wrt bandwidth monitoring
dd wrt bandwidth monitoring

Bandwidth monitoring is a big hassle for everyone who is not on an unlimited plan. You can have true peace of mind if you are subscribed to a plan that is unlimited so you don’t have the constant fear above your head to exceed the bandwidth limit and end up having some unexpected charges on your bill that will cause trouble for your budget.

There are different tools that are offering you bandwidth monitoring options but these tools are mostly for a single device. Also, the accuracy of these tools is not that good and if you even exceed a single Mb on your package, you might end up paying a hefty cost for it. If you are serious about having your bandwidth monitored the right way, you definitely need something extra-ordinary that would get the job done for you. DD-WRT is the perfect solution that you are going to need.

What is DD-WRT?

DD-WRT is not a device, nor any application. It is router-firmware. DD-WRT allows you to not only monitor the bandwidth of your internet on your router but also comes pre-loaded with tons of enhanced features. It boosts the router’s performance in multiple ways and provides you with an overall unmatched router experience that you are unable to find anywhere else.

But to start with, you are going to need a router that is compatible with the firmware. Not every router can work with DD-WRT firmware. You need a high-tech router that is able to work with DD-WRT. You can find the list of compatible devices on the DD-WRT website. If you are thinking that is it worth the trouble just to monitor your bandwidth, there are some cool features like VPN configuration within the router, and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities that allow you extra control over your router, Wi-Fi and internet connection.

DD-WRT Bandwidth Monitoring

When it comes to bandwidth monitoring, DD-WRT is a solution second to none. You get some extensive insight on your bandwidth usage with the help of this firmware installed on your router. You need to open the graphical user interface on your router by entering the IP address into a browser and get to settings.

Now, you will have to click on the status tab and click on WAN.

This will open a graph for you that contains information on the day by day usage and traffic on your internet connection. The breakdown also helps you evaluate the usage on different days of the week so you can manage your bandwidth more efficiently.

There are some other cool features embedded in the firmware that allows you to have a better look at how many of the bandwidth is being used by each user or device. This gives you a better idea of which devices you need to manage more efficiently if they are exceeding the set limit for you.

You also get access to the Bandwidth tab in the user portal that allows you to see bandwidth in real-time with the help of a graph. This allows you to have a better idea of periods that are consuming the most bandwidth.

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