DCM-1502 Error Code On Spectrum: 6 Ways To Fix

dcm-1502 error code spectrum
dcm-1502 error code spectrum

Spectrum is one of the most-used internet and cable TV services out there. Over the course of time, they have impregnated the market. However, the consumer base is always struggling with some sort of error (for real). But all the errors are solvable and will only take a few minutes. So, if you are struggling with the DCM-1502 error code spectrum, we have got all the troubleshooting methods for you!

DCM-1502 Error Code On Spectrum

1) Power Cycling

First of all, you need to power cycle the router and modem at the same time. Yes, we mean that you need to take out all the plugs for thirty seconds and plug them back in. While plugging them back in, go in the order of modem, router, and Spectrum. When all the devices are properly restarted, you will have the access back, and the error will be gone!

2) Cable Box Restart

If you are facing the DCM-1502 error, you need to make sure that you restart the cable box. This is because it optimizes the memory refreshing, and the new connection will be established for you. In this case, you need to switch off the cable box and let it sit for three to four minutes. After this time, just switch on the cable box again and let the network establish.

3) Cables

If you have not upgraded the Spectrum package, this method is not for you. In contrast, if you upgraded the package, there are high chances that the equipment is showcasing some issues. In this case, you need to check the cables and ports because if they aren’t properly terminated, the error will appear. Also, make sure all cables are installed seamlessly (even the cables in other rooms).

4) Equipment

Well, this is just another method of taking care of the DCM-1502 error with which you need to reset the equipment. The equipment reset must be done online by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, login to the Spectrum account
  • Open the service tab and go to TV
  • Choose the “experiencing issues” option
  • Click on the reset equipment option
  • It will send the refresh signal, and you will be able to get rid of the error

5) Refresh Signal

In this case, you need to open the preferred browser and send the signals by choosing the refresh signal options. The signal refresh usually depends on the equipment you are using and the package you are subscribed to. With this being said, you need to use the instructions from the manual. After you send the refresh signal, it’s suggested that you reboot the receiver. The receiver can be rebooted by taking out the plug and plugging it back in after two to three minutes.

6) Customer Support

The troubleshooting methods are intended to help you out, but if the problem is still persisting, you need to call the Spectrum customer support. This is because they can offer better guidance, specific to the error. In addition, they will be able to monitor your network and line out the root cause of the error.

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  1. I get 2 error codes – if i try to record a show on my iPhone 12pro i get error code ICM-1502
    And if i try to watch a show I already recorded on my iPhone 12pro i get the error code ICM-1009.
    How can these be fixed!

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