Can You Use Cox Cable Digital Channels Without Box?

cox cable digital channels without box
cox cable digital channels without box

Cox is widely used by people since it has a TV, phone, and internet plans, so there is something for everyone. Similarly, they are offering cable digital channels which have hooked up everyone.

However, some people wonder if they can use Cox cable digital channels without box. With this article, we are sharing everything that you need to know about it!

Cox Cable Digital Channels Without Box

For over a long time, Cox has been trying to change the systems from analog to digital, and it was successful back in 2009. That being said, the users have access to Cox cable digital channels without the box as well. In particular, Cox has designed a wireless 4K Contour Stream Player which is integrated with various features, and people aren’t restricted since it doesn’t need a cable outlet or cable box.

In case you have to watch the standard cable like the weather channel or ESPN without the cable box, you need the digital cable adapter. For the most part, it’s a convenient and more compact add-on as compared to a box. Also, the users can get the digital cable adapter for free from Cox, so no one has to buy a full-fledged box.

Similarly, if you have digital TV and want to watch local stations, such as government, educational, and public channels, you will do fine without a box. For these local broadcasting stations, the users don’t need to the cable adapter either (pretty great!). This is because the digital TVs are designed with QAM tuners that automatically receive the service channel upon plugging.

Currently, if users need to watch the digital cable channels without the box, you have to get something that can support the reception. This is mainly when you don’t have a digital TV. In addition to the device for the reception, you can also opt for the digital video recorder.

Channel Listing

If you are confused if you can use the cable digital channels without the box, you can always check it on the channel listing. Generally, the channels with little triangle mating are the HD or digital channels with notes of service level. The service level will outline if the channel needs the CableCARD or digital receivers.

Still, if the TV set has a QAM digital tuner, it can receive the local channels without any additional equipment (inclusive of the box). In case you need the box, it can be bought from Cox for free for the first year. That being said, the users can opt for the Cox cable for free for one year after the sign-up. However, the fee applies after one year.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Cox cable digital channels can be used and watched without the cable box. However, it demands the users to have a digital TV (in case they will only watch the local channels). On the other hand, you can always check the channel listing to make sure you have the right equipment. Also, you can always call Cox for additional information!

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