6 Steps to Fix Comcast Keeps Disconnecting

comcast internet keeps disconnecting
comcast internet keeps disconnecting

Fast speed Internet connection is a must to have these days but what to do when your Comcast Internet keeps disconnecting? Yes, we totally understand how irritating it gets to lose the internet connection right in the middle of performing some online activity. It could be anything from submitting your assignment to playing your favorite video game to watching the most awaited seasons. No matter if it is something related to work or entertainment, sudden internet disconnection will surely boil your blood to a rather high degree.

However, the disconnection problems that you’re currently facing might not be related to the Internet brand but there are several reasons for disconnection. We’ll help you learn about those reasons in this article so you can solve whatever issues causing those internet problems.

Troubleshooting Comcast Keeps Disconnecting

To make it easy for you to follow through, we’ve come up with 6 different ways in which you can fix your issues related to your Comcast internet keeps disconnecting in odd moments.

  1. Effective Wi-Fi Proximity

The distance of your internet router from your mobile device is important if your internet is troubling. Greater distance affects your internet speeds and connection negatively. Therefore, always try to stay as close to your Comcast router as you can. This will give you effective Wi-Fi proximity to keep your internet connection going without interruption. Also, it will maximize your internet speeds.

  1. Positioning Comcast Router

The position of your internet router is pretty significant in solving the disconnection problem. Always place your Comcast router in a place that is high above the ground in an open area. This is to avoid all the interrupting things in a packed room full of different materials. Comcast internet signals will boost up from the upper position and there will be fewer chances of your internet to disconnect. Avoid placing your internet router in closets or packed covered areas.

  1. Clean Your Routing Device

Always keep your routing device clean and free from any dust as the dust particles tend to accumulate on it and jam the inner machinery. The open connection ports are the most vulnerable parts of the router in which dirt and filth usually accumulates and causes disruption in the internet connection.

  1. Restart And Reboot

Restarting your internet router helps to refresh the internet. If your Comcast internet keeps disconnecting, restarting the router might help you to get it going. You can also reboot the device. This usually fixes the internet and boost internet connection. Restarting and reboot the home router is an easy trick to get your Comcast internet working smoothly

  1. Signal Interferences

All the materialistic things such as your household items are a major cause of interference. These things interrupt the Comcast internet in transferring your router’s internet signals to your mobile devices. So it is best to put all such items as far from your internet router as possible. With these things not in the way, your Comcast internet is likely to stay connected for longer periods. Also, make sure to not place any of your electrical appliances in the way of your router.

The electromagnetic radiations emitted from these devices occasionally results in a poor working internet connection. This also might be the reason why your Comcast internet keeps disconnecting at unusual timings.

  1. Limit The Number of Connections

Lowering the number of simultaneous connections also helps in fixing the continuously disconnecting internet. It also fixes the slow internet speeds that you may be facing. Disconnecting the unnecessary connected devices helps to lessen the load of multiple connections from the router and in turn, it works better.

Usually, when several different computing devices are using the internet connection simultaneously at once, the connection suddenly goes away because if overload and internet bandwidth is also observed to be distributed. Therefore, by limiting the number of connections, you can avoid disconnection.


After applying all the above-given instructions, if your Comcast internet keeps disconnecting, try contacting the service providers. You can either get help from their FAQs section or contact their help desk regarding your internet disconnection issue. Also, you can upgrade your devices that will help to eliminate any virus or adware which might be causing the problems.

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