Cisco RV345 Review – Should You Buy It?

cisco rv345 review
cisco rv345 review

Cisco is a famous American brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best networking products. The company has a huge lineup that you can select from which might confuse people at first. Considering this, one of the best options is to visit the official website for Cisco. This should have all the products available listed. You can browse through these and even check the specifications for them to find a product that might suit you best. If you are still having trouble, then you can also check for recommendations online to help you out. Keep in mind that the device required depends on your use, this is why checking your requirements can also be quite helpful.

Cisco RV345 Review

The Cisco RV345 is one of the most famous routers from the brand that also acts as a modem. There are tons of features included in this product that make it amazing. Although, you should note that most of these services are for people working in offices or those users who want a LAN connection. If you only want a standard router then Cisco has tons of other devices that might suit you better.

On the other hand, if a fast LAN network adapter is exactly what you want then this device might be for you. One of the first things that you should note about this modem is that it comes with a total of 16 ethernet ports. All of these have dual-band frequency channels on them. This includes the standard 2.4 GHz bandwidth channel as well as the new 5 GHz frequency.

The control panel for this modem lets people alter the different ethernet ports according to their preferences. Keeping this in mind, if you are feeling hesitant or confused when configuring the Cisco RV345 then you should consult its manual. This should contain step-by-step instructions on how you can set up the modem. If you are still having trouble, then another thing that you try is contacting the support team for Cisco.

They should be able to guide you throughout the troubleshooting process and even help you in setting up the device. Other than this, one important thing to note is that the Cisco RV345 requires people to have little networking knowledge when using it. This is because most of the features provided must be configured manually. One of the most useful services that this model comes with is a built-in VPN.

This allows people to start a VPN portal in their network that will be used on every single device connected to it. Not only can you control the entire LAN network from a single system. But you can even block certain websites and links that others will be unable to access.

This can be amazing in a work environment as people can prevent others from using social media applications and other websites that might waste their time. The VPN portal can be quite difficult to set up at first but once you understand how it works, the process can be completed within a few minutes.

Does Cisco RV345 Come with a Warranty?

While the Cisco RV345 comes with tons of features, there are also some issues that people can run into. Most problems can be fixed by simple troubleshooting steps including a network reboot or reset. However, in some cases, the issue can also be technical as your device might get damaged or it was faulty from the start.

When it comes to these problems, you must have a way to deal with them. Considering this, people might often ask if the Cisco RV345 comes with a warranty. The answer to this is β€œYes”. Cisco offers a lifetime protection warranty on their ports but there is something that you need to keep in mind. The warranty also has some requirements before the user can claim it.

This is why it is recommended that you go through the details once before trying to claim it. If you are still confused then contact the support team for Cisco to help you out. This will ensure that you understand, under what circumstances the warranty service will work. Overall, the Cisco RV345 is an amazing VPN-supported LAN modem. If you are looking for a similar device then this should be on top of your options.

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