Can Roku Premier Connect To a 5GHz Connection?

can roku premiere connect to 5ghz
can roku premiere connect to 5ghz

Nobody can say to entertainment, and Roku understands that. That’s to say because they have launched Roku Premier, which can be used for streaming in HDR, HD, and 4K picture quality. It also has a premium and high-speed HDMI cable.

This means that users can stream movies, sports, news, live TV, and shows on Roku Premier. On the contrary, people often ask, “can Roku Premier connect to 5GHz?” With this article, we are sharing all the details you need for this!

Can Roku Premier Connect To a 5GHz Connection?

Th straightforward answer is no, Roku Premier doesn’t support 5GHz, which means it won’t connect to one either. It lacks the Wi-Fi 5 capacity (it is also known as 802.11ac). For the most part, it doesn’t matter if you are using the 2.4GHz network with a robust configuration. It’s evident that Roku Premier won’t connect to 5GHz, so it’s best that you subscribe to a high-speed and robust 2.4GHz connection.

It’s famous that 2.4GHz networks tend to have low-speed internet signals, but it offers wider network coverage. In addition, 2.4GHz connections can work well through thick walls. That being said, even if you have the Roku Premier, you can opt for a robust 2.4GHz connection because it will deliver consistent internet signals. Also, with 2.4GHz, you won’t have to struggle with dropping signals.

When we talk about Premier Roku, the unavailability of Wi-Fi s5 and 5GHz support is pretty common (in other Roku devices, of course). To illustrate, if you connect Roku Premier to a robust 2.4GHz connection and one device to 5GHz, it’s needless to say that both of them will work the same (there might be minor differences in network speed, but nothing major).

That being said, Roku Premier will deliver 4K HDR videos as well as high-end image quality even with a 2.4GHz connection. It’s safe to say that a 2.4GHz connection will do fine for your streaming experience. In case the internet connection is not robust enough, there are chances of low-quality video streaming and extensive loading times. In simpler words, the performance issues might occur if your 2.4GHz connection is slow (this issue won’t occur with a 5GHz connection, obviously).

Additional Things To Consider

When it comes down to 2.4GHz connections, they tend to be slower as compared to 5GHz connections. However, a 2.4GHz connection will have wider coverage which means the connection will be consistent. Since Roku Premiere doesn’t support 5GHz network compatibility, you have to make sure that you are subscribing to a high-end and robust 2.4GHz network connection.

In addition to this, if you can manage, it is better to opt for ethernet connections because it improves the internet connection speed to some extent. While you are signing up for an internet package, we suggest that you tell the internet service provider that you will be using the connection for streaming 4K content. That’s because this information will ensure that you are connected to a better connection.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Roku Premier doesn’t connect to 5GHz, which means a 2.4GHz connection is your only method of connection. So, just sign up for a high-end 2.4GHz connection!

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