8 Fixes For Bright House VPN Issues

brighthouse vpn issues
brighthouse vpn issues

Bright House is a well-known American company offering telecommunication services. They provide their services to over 2.2 million customers – the customer base is continuously increasing.

Bright House offers high-speed internet services, voice services, home automation and security services, and digital television services.

While the voice and internet services are exceptional, many people complain about Bright House VPN issues when they try using the service while connected to the VPN.

So, with this article, we are sharing the symptoms when Bright House struggles with VPN issues and how it can be troubleshot!

Bright House VPN Issues

Symptoms Of VPN Issues

Whenever you use Bright House and try to connect to VPN servers, but it isn’t authenticated, it indicates the VPN compatibility issues.

Some other symptoms include not being able to access the network resources and web pages. In some cases, you won’t be able to connect to the internet or use it.

Troubleshooting The VPN Issues With Bright House

If you are getting similar symptoms while using Bright House internet services and VPN, we are sharing a few troubleshooting steps that you should consider;

  1. VPN Passthrough

VPN passthrough is a special router feature that allows the connected devices to allow the VPN traffic. In simpler words, it helps bypass the firewall of your router to make sure the connection is streamlined.

modems have a smaller coverage area then routers

However, when the VPN passthrough is disabled, the device won’t be able to bypass the router’s firewall, hence the connectivity issue.

For this reason, we recommend that you enable VPN passthrough to make sure the internet connection is optimized on the VPN-enabled devices.

To enable VPN passthrough, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, you have to access the web-based strep page of the router and use the account credentials to log in
  • Then, go to the router’s settings and tap on the “VPN” button
  • In this tab, you will see the option “allow virtual network connections” and you’ve to tap on it
  • Now, just press the enable button, and you will be able to use the internet
  1. Windows Mobile Broadband

If you are using Bright House internet on a Windows computer and are unable to complete the connection because of a VPN issue, it’s likely that the Windows Mobile Broadband is enabled.

Windows Mobile Broadband is a service that manages transmission and communication between devices and APIs. So, when it’s enabled, the VPN traffic won’t be able to pass through.

This is why you have to disable this feature, and below are the steps that you can follow;

  • Open the settings on your Windows computer
  • Check the left-hand bar and open the network & internet tab
  • Go to the mobile broadband option and toggle it off (you should also turn off the mobile hotspot from this list)
  1. Compatibility

If you have already checked the settings, but they are correct, it is likely that you are using a VPN that’s not supported by Bright House.


Usually, the compatibility issue happens when you connect the Bright House internet to a free VPN provider. For this reason, we recommend that you subscribe to a paid VPN service.

The VPN providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the most reliable, so it’s better that you use their basic plan if you want to use the VPN.

In addition to checking the compatibility of the VPN service, make sure you are using the Bright House plan that supports the VPN.

  1. NAT Transversal

NAT transversal is the network address translation transversal, which is a networking technique that helps establish and maintain internet protocol connections.

The VPN servers have NAT transversal feature to make sure the traffic passes through and reaches the correct destination, even when there is no public IP address.

However, if you have disabled NAT transversal from the VPN settings, Bright House internet will not work. For this reason, you either have to enable it from the settings or call the VPN’s customer support team to help you with this configuration.

  1. Server

Another common reason behind Bright House VPN issues is the offline server. Every VPN has multiple servers, and if you are connected to an offline server, the internet won’t work.

Try Changing Server

For this reason, we recommend that you open the VPN app and change the server from the list of available servers – you can choose any other server from the available ones.

This is because the current server might be offline. In most cases, changing the server can help resolve connectivity issues.

On the other hand, if changing the server doesn’t work either, it’s likely that the VPN service provider is having a backend issue, and you should contact the support team for help.

  1. Router

Another step is to check the router connection because if the router is not powered correctly, there will be various configuration errors.

For this reason, we recommend that you check the router’s power cord and make sure it’s firmly connected to the power source as well as to the back of the router.

Ideally, you should take out the power cord and plug it in again. This will also help reboot the router, which helps eliminate configuration errors, promising a better connection with VPN.

  1. Internet Connection

In some cases, the VPN doesn’t work properly because the internet connection is adversely impacted. For this reason, we recommend that you check the internet speed.

That’s because slow internet connections can cause connectivity errors with VPNs as well. The immediate solution is to reboot your modem and router, as it helps improve the signal strength.

data transferred between links work in an internet connection

In case rebooting the network equipment doesn’t work, you have to call the internet service provider to make sure the internet servers are up and running.

  1. Credentials

Last but not least, you have to consider the credentials because the internet credentials are different from the VPN’s credentials.

We recommend that you double-check the VPN’s credentials and enter the correct credentials to make sure you are connected to the VPN server.

The Bottom Line

This guide can help you get rid of VPN issues with Bright House’s internet connection. However, if you require more help, consult the professional technical support team!

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