4 Ways To Fix AT&T Family Map Not Working

att family map not working
att family map not working

Well, over time all the carriers have made it possible to make their networks stronger and provide the optimal level of coverage to their consumers. In order to raise the competition, attract more clientele, and of course to retain the current subscribers, these value-added services play a great role these days and you can always get something that would be working out perfectly for you.

AT&T is not out of the race and their family map is simply the best thing you can get to make sure that you know the location of all the members of your family at all times. If it isn’t working for you, here is what you need to do.

How To Fix AT&T Family Map Not Working?

1. Check on the GPS

First things first and the GPS needs to be enabled on all the phones in order for the application to work. It is not necessary, as the network can also track your location based on the carrier but it might not be accurate and your map app will not be able to pinpoint it.

To make sure that the family map app on AT&T is working fine, you should ensure that not only the GPS is enabled on the phones, but also check on the permission and allow location permissions to the Family Map app. This will help you sort out the problem most of the time and you will not have to face it again.

2. Restart the Phone

Another thing that you can possibly try out in such cases is to restart the phone and that will help you make the best use of it. Simply running a power cycle on your phone is going to fix all such issues for you and more and you will not have to deal with similar sort of problems again.

These issues might be caused due to excessive load on the processor or some error or bug and you might never know it. It would be worth restarting your device once and that will allow you to get rid of the problem with your AT&T Family Map application.

3. Get rid of VPN

VPN is one such thing that can mess up with the internet settings and change your IP address. While it might not be the reason for you to have the problem, but sometimes it can be and you can never be sure. To get rid of this issue with the AT&T Family Map application, you should disable any VPN applications that you might have enabled, and that will help you get a workaround for the problem.

4. Update Application

Lastly, you should uninstall the application on your phone and then restart the phone once. After the restart, you will need to download and install the latest version of the AT&T Family Map application from the relevant store and that will help you make sure that you can get rid of this problem permanently. Simply put, this will not only clear out any issues that you might be having with your application but will also update it to the latest version.

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