Why Asus Router Keeps Changing Client List?

asus router client list keeps changing
asus router client list keeps changing

Asus broadband is known for some high-performance routers that provide high speed and super reliability. With its firmware update and network drives upgrade, you can get the best out of these Asus routers. However, these days, users have been experiencing some odd issues with Asus routers which are its client list keeps changing and changing. Some of the Asus users have claimed that this issue is not affecting their overall internet performance while some complain that this issue is being problematic to their internet connection. In this article, we will have an in-depth discussion on the Asus router’s client list that keeps on changing.

What Is Client List?

The router client list which is also known as the DHCP client list is simply a list of all the connected devices and IP addresses that have been assigned via your internet server or router. This DHCP client list has the details of all those devices that are connected to your in-home network by wired (Ethernet) connection or wireless (Wi-Fi) connections. In case your DHCP is not enabled on your network and devices, you will no longer have easy access to your client list.

DHCP Client Lists Never Stays Still Even For A Minute:

“DHCP Client Lists Never Stays Still Even For A Minute”. This sentence has now become the most pledged complaint by Asus broadband users. They witness that their client list even changes multiple times within a minute and they assume that their internet services are being taken down with this issue.

Asus users with two routers face this issue more than others usually get their DHCP client list altered each minute which periodically disconnects their internet from their laptops and computers.

Why Does My Asus Router Keeps Changing The Client List?

A few years back, this issue wasn’t a big one to fight against but these days facing the changing issue is becoming much extensive. Maybe it is happing because your router’s firmware version wasn’t updated properly or it is just the by-product of new updates. Besides, your Asus router might not be powerful enough to get overloaded with excessive details. However, there is more to your Asus router client list keeps on changing.

Routers from any broadband usually do not comprehend what devices are connected. Why? Because there isn’t some “attach procedure” on your Ethernet or Wi-Fi IP networks assuming that your DHCP is the closest to your router. This is also why your router wants to show you a proper list pinpointing your device’s information alongside the device information they see. A router usually fetches information on these sources:

From your DHCP requests—Address lease table. This usually doesn’t sit right with your router as the units do not represent DHCP clients.

From the ARP cache, depending on network packets sent and received from the MAC or IP addresses of your device. Just like the former one, this also doesn’t apply. Why? Because of all the extra units you have acted as bridges and access points so they do not generate any network packets from their MAC or IP addresses.

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