Aruba AP-515 Review – Any Good?

aruba ap-515 review
aruba ap-515 review

Aruba access points optimize your overall network by providing great speed and network performance. These APs are simple to deploy and manage, giving you greater control over your network and its clients. Aruba has many different types of APs, all of which are fully equipped with features, but the ARUBA AP 515 is one of the most notable.

Because technological advancements in each series cause the AP’s level of performance to vary, we will go over the specifications of the Aruba AP 515 to provide a more in-depth review. As a result, if you are considering purchasing one, we will provide you with a general Aruba AP-515 review.

Aruba AP-515 Review

  1. Specifications:

Among the other APs offered by Aruba, AP 515 is one of the back-ordered APs. This high user demand is usually due to the high level of performance and capacity that this AP provides to your network. The AP 515 is a dual radio AP with 802.11ax 4×4 MU-MIMO across the 5GHz band and an amazing 802.11ax 2×2 MU-MIMO across the 2.4 GHz radio. This significantly increases the access point’s capacity and connection capability to its clients. This access point supports advanced features and integrates cutting-edge technologies to provide you with an all-around experience.

In terms of specifications, the 5GHz radio incorporates 4 SU MIMO, which provides up to 4.8Gbps of data rate across the band. You can achieve incredible data rates of 1.2Gbps across the 2SS HE80 clients with 2 SU-MIMO. These gigabit speeds add up to a more stable and reliable connection. Aside from that, on the 2.4GHZ band, you can expect 575Mbps of data rate at the 2 SU-MIMO on 802.11ax client devices (maximum) and up to 287Mbps data rate on the 2 SU-MIMO client devices (minimum). Furthermore, in terms of capacity, this AP can efficiently handle up to 256 devices per band. This incredible capacity places it among the market’s best APs.

AP 515 features 1034-QAM modulation and OFDMA, making it ideal for deployment in high-density environments. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth 5 technology aids in the connection and monitoring of IoT devices.

  1. Features:

Aruba AP 515 has a high efficiency when it comes to dense connection areas you can expect smooth performance and good data transmission throughout due to its multi-user connectivity. The Dynamic frequency selection feature aids in preventing AP signals from being disrupted by frequency interferences, to which networking devices are particularly vulnerable. Furthermore, Advanced Cellular Coexistence (ACC) reduces interference caused by cellular networks. As a result, your AP will not be affected by interference, confirming unrivaled performance. The access points’ ability to form transmit beams extends the network’s range and reliability. Your signals will no longer be distorted, even if your AP is located far away from your clients. The Low-Density Parity check and Space Time Block Coding features help to optimize your AP’s total throughput and reception. So it’s not a stretch to say that the AP 515 is packed with technical goodies.


  1. Hardware Specifications:

When it comes to the hardware specifications of the access point, it has dimensions of 1.8 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches and a weight of 810 grams. It is available in white and black. This access point can be easily placed on any router table or mounted on the wall using the included mounting brackets. The AP has a PoE switch port as well as a direct power port that can be connected to an electrical outlet to provide power. You have two Ethernet ports and a USB port for connecting to the access point via wire. The interactive LED displays on your Aruba access point can help you check the status of your connection.

The Final Verdict:

Aruba access point 515 AP will be an excellent addition to your network thanks to its advanced controls and optimized range and data rate features. These are simple to set up and have an incredible range. Aside from that, The AP provides gigabit speeds and consistent performance across both radios. So, if you want to expand the range, and capacity, of your network, the Aruba AP 515 is the way to go.

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