Updated: August 24, 2014 In today’s mobile economy, more consumers are seeking to stay connected while on the go. For this reason, there are more options for accessing free Wi-Fi than in the past. According to the International Data Corporation … Continue reading

Most people use their laptop PC to locate the nearest WiFi hotspot.  The most recent PCs are capable of automatically detecting a wireless connection.  But what if you do not want to go through the hassle of unpacking your laptop, … Continue reading

If you are looking to extend the range of your WiFi signal the key to getting a better signal from a distance is to invest in a high quality WiFi antenna.  The problem is when you look at the number … Continue reading

Wireless networks are increasing in popularity with more access points being added in public places as well as businesses and residences.  The standards for WiFi have gradually evolved to a point where long range WiFi with faster data transfer rates … Continue reading

There are many factors that can cause a wireless signal to become weak.  The problem is that when you search for fixes they are usually vague due to different types of wireless equipment and antennas that produce the signal.  Although … Continue reading

Updated: July 9, 2014 Wi-Fi hotspots are a popular way to access broadband Internet from almost any device equipped with wireless capability, including smartphones, laptops, hybrid devices, and tablet PCs. Wi-Fi hotspots are growing in popularity as more portable devices … Continue reading

The increased availability of public Internet access and WiFi has added convenience to daily tasks and flexibility to our lifestyle.  Although public Internet access is a great tool for working in a mobile environment, it is important to remember a … Continue reading

Updated: July 8, 2014 If you are a frequent traveler, then you know that a high percentage of your communications take place over wireless Internet. In order to function efficiently while on the go, a fast wireless connection is a … Continue reading

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