T3 Line

Last time, this space discussed T1s. Today we discuss T3, T1’s bigger brother. Both are examples of T-Carrier technology, developed by Bell Labs in the middle of the 20th century. Looking for a way to more efficiently and economically transport … Continue reading

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T1 and T3 lines are both considered to be high speed broadband and telephone lines that allow the end user to use both services simultaneously as well as download files and applications quickly and easily.  T1 and T3 lines are … Continue reading

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T1 and T3 connections are often confused when it comes down to choosing this type of connection for data and voice transmission. It is helpful to know the difference between a T1 and T3 connection and the types of services … Continue reading

If you are confused about the difference between DS3 and T3 bandwidth the terms are basically identical to one another.  DS3 which stands for Digital Signal 3 is simply another term that is used for a T3 type connection.  DS3 … Continue reading