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IaaS and PaaS are technologies that have been used to create virtualized environments for organizations that prefer not to develop a system from scratch. Virtualization has been a popular solution as the result of its capability to provide a viable … Continue reading

Regardless if you travel or just want to keep an eye on your residence or business when you are away, Dropcam is a monitoring device that provides you with security and peace of mind. Security is an important part of … Continue reading

During the last few years, one of the popular buzz words in the world of consumer electronics has been the Smart TV. Some people may have heard about where others are not sure what it is or why they would … Continue reading

In a previous article on this website we discussed the importance of browser security and provided a tutorial as an example of how to beef up the security in your Internet browser to protect your privacy when you are using … Continue reading

Many people rely on the Internet these days for accomplishing everyday tasks.  This makes an Internet browser an essential tool for daily life. So it only stands to reason that you would want to secure your browser against online threats … Continue reading

The increased use of broadband connectivity coupled with the demand for availability has made the role of global broadband spectrum management more important.  Many areas of the world which are underserved in terms of broadband access are planning to expand … Continue reading

If you are planning to take a road trip in which you will be visiting many different campgrounds, chances are you will want to stay connected to the Internet to check your email messages, surf the Internet, and use your … Continue reading

When you read or listen to the news especially in the business world you hear a lot of buzz on the concept of cloud computing.  Although most people have a general idea of cloud computing there is still a lot … Continue reading

Constantly being disconnected when you are trying to accomplish tasks on the Internet can be a frustrating experience.  What makes things more complex is the fact there are so many factors that can cause your PC to suddenly lose its … Continue reading

When you are traveling on the road Internet access can make it a whole lot easier to get things done.  An Internet connection allows you to multitask which leaves you with a lot more time to do the things you … Continue reading

Dropbox is a service which allows you to store your files and data in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere and from any device that has a connection to the Internet.  Many of these types of cloud … Continue reading

A proxy server has a few different definitions according to the type of proxy you are using.  In general though, a proxy server is responsible for allowing you to establish an indirect network connection to other locations and services with … Continue reading

With all the ways we prefer to stay connected nowadays you may find that paying for the services you receive can become overwhelming with one bill for Internet, another for your home phone, a different one for television programming, and … Continue reading

The iPod Touch is one of Apple’s latest additions to its collection of mobile devices which are designed to accommodate high speed wireless Internet connectivity.  If you have an iPod Touch or you are thinking about getting this device, it … Continue reading

Unless you have been living in total isolation you are probably aware that Apple recently released the new iPad 3 with 4G connectivity.  If you are thinking about getting the new iPad or you have recently upgraded from one of … Continue reading

If you are going to be on the road for an indefinite period of time and want to access the Internet without being required to commit to a long term contract, a monthly Internet card may be the way to … Continue reading

Updated: September 8, 2014 Since the first release of the Smart TV, Samsung has developed an extremely sophisticated multimedia and online platform that represents the next generation of home entertainment. A few years ago, electronics giant Samsung first introduced a … Continue reading

Many companies across the globe use Virtual Private Networks to enhance security for workers who communicate with the company from a remote location. A Virtual Private Network is commonly referred to as a VPN and provides enhanced security when communicating … Continue reading

Web accelerators are software which is designed to speed up your browsing experience.  They were originally designed for slower dialup connections but many broadband users now use a web accelerator such as Google Web Accelerator to speed up websites and … Continue reading

Regardless of whether you are viewing standard TV programming, using your DVD or Blu-ray player, or connecting your PC to your HDTV to enjoy Internet TV programming, you may not be getting the most of out of your viewing experience … Continue reading

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