Verizon: Is It Better To Upgrade Phone Online Or Instore?

verizon is it better to upgrade phone online or instore
verizon is it better to upgrade phone online or instore

No one would like to use something too old unless you are talking about a vintage car. But, this will also be able to use after upgrading her. The same thing goes with mobile. Every day you come to know about something new and innovative about your mobile, you need to keep your mobile up to date.

Whether it is a new Android version of something related to IOS, upgrading the mobile is important. But, when you use a Verizon phone, would you like to upgrade the phone online or in-store. This article will help you to get the answer.

Is It Better To Upgrade Verizon Phone Instore or Online?

Upgrading Verizon Phone Online

Upgrading your phone online sounds interesting, but this is not an easy task to perform if you do not know about upgrading the phone, then there are great probabilities that you will lose your important data. Moreover, if the upgrade is not done properly, the phone may also stop working properly. So, if you are going to upgrade your Verizon phone online, make sure that you have proper knowledge about it.

Most people do not know, but if you are going to upgrade your phone online without talking assistance from the Verizon employees, this will cost you less than an in-store upgrade. Verizon’s in-store upgrade costs you around $40, and to encourage the online upgrade process, Verizon has reduced the online upgrade fee to $20 from $30.

It indicated how good an online upgrade could be for you, but ensure that you know all the possible things about upgrading a phone. If not, then you can be under the deep sea.

Upgrading Verizon Phone In-Store 

Unlike online upgrades, you will not have to waste much of your energy while going to an In-store upgrade of your Verizon phone. When you choose In-Store promotion for your Verizon Phone, then one thing is certain that your phone will be upgraded by professionals who know everything about it. You should not worry about your data loss or any such thing in this case.

But, if you are going for an In-store upgrade, you already know that it will cost you double the online upgrade price. If you do not know about upgrading the Verizon phone and want it to be done by professionals, you should go for an In-store upgrade.

Final Remarks

Both the In-store and the online upgrade have got their benefits and losses. It depends on you that what suits you. If it is about our choice, you must go for an online upgrade if you possess some knowledge about it. It will help you to save your money and time.


Precisely, the article has got everything that you will need to know before going to the Verizon phone upgrade. The draft will help you to choose whether you are going to an online or In-store upgrade. So, give this article a thorough read and choose which methods will suit you the best way.

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