5 Methods To Solve SHOWTIME App No Sound

showtime app no sound
showtime app no sound

SHOWTIME has become the ultimate streaming app for people who want access to highly acclaimed TV series and movies. In addition, the users can watch sports and documentaries that you cannot find anywhere else. The best thing about SHOWTIME app is that you can schedule the content downloading, but many users have complained about the no sound issue while streaming. So, if you are streaming SHOWTIME but there is no sound, try out the solutions mentioned below!

SHOWTIME App No Sound Fix:

  1. Device Volume

Before you start blaming SHOWTIME for the volume-related issues, you have to check the volume on the device that you are using for streaming movies or TV shows. It doesn’t matter if you are using the TV or a smartphone/tablet; you have to increase the volume. In particular, you should close the app and increase the volume from the settings. In case you are using the app on the TV, use your remote to increase the volume.

  1. In-App Volume

When it comes down to streaming, the streaming platforms have their own settings, such as volume, pause, play, fast forward, and rewind. So, if you are streaming and there is no sound, we recommend that you tap on the screen, and when the mentioned features appear, check the sound icon and make sure it’s not muted. If the volume icon has been muted, touching it will unmute the volume, and you will be able to stream with volume.

  1. Reboot

If increasing and unmuting the volume doesn’t work, it is recommended that you reboot the device that you’ve to use for streaming your favorite content. It doesn’t matter if you are using a smartphone or TV; you have to turn off the device for a few minutes to make sure the electrical charge is released. In addition, many experts recommend that you disconnect the power cord in case of the TV to make sure there are no residual charges. Once the device has been off for five to ten minutes, turn it on, and try using the SHOWTIME app again.

  1. Update The App

Many people don’t understand it, but regular updates of the app are essential to ensure a seamless streaming experience without any sound issues. So, it’s recommended that you open the app store on your device and search for the SHOWTIME app. If there is an “update” button beside the app’s name, it means that the app update is available, and you have to download it to make sure there are no performance issues. On the other hand, many people just delete the app and download it again because re-downloading will install the updated app.

  1. Sign In Again

Before you update the app, we recommend that you try the simple solution of signing out of the SHOWTIME app and signing in again. Signing out from the app will resolve the configuration issues and makes sure the SHOWTIME app is properly configured, and the settings are installed. Also, make sure that the device is connected to a reliable internet connection while signing in to prevent errors.

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