Is Avast SafeZone (Secure Browser) A VPN?

is avast safezone a vpn
is avast safezone a vpn

Avast is one of the leading Cybersecurity company that is offering anti-virus solutions for millions of users worldwide.

They got the right experience and expertise in the field that allows them to be one of the most secure antivirus services and the users get to enjoy the perfectly stable experience with optimal protection and a peace of mind that they are safe from all sorts of viruses and intrusions.

Not only their antivirus software is exceptional but there is a lot more to having the Avast services and Safezone is one such subscription-based service that you can get your hands on. A few things that you need to know about it and if it is a VPN are:

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is the best thing that you can get to connect over the internet. A VPN basically masks your IP Address and other important information from your device over the servers that VPN service providers have all over the world.

That means, you cannot only change where you are located and show up some other location on the internet, but the network traffic will also be masked over the secure servers and that way you will be able to enjoy absolute safety.

Is Avast SafeZone A VPN? (Now called Avast Secure Browser)

Avast Safezone is now called Avast Secure Browser that is being marketed as a sandbox instead of a VPN service and that is something better to have.

For more information about  Avast Secure Browser, please check their official website.

Avast Safezone is basically a browser-based on Chromium OS that is available on most of the platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and more so that you can enjoy a better browsing experience whenever you are connected over the internet.

A sandbox browser means that the browser will protect your information to be stolen or worst your network being penetrated by a foreign source. Not only that, but there are many interesting features that you get on Avast Safezone, allowing you to enjoy the most stable experience out there.

The Avast Safezone will not only make sure that you are getting safe from all such malicious attempts, but it will also enable an incognito mode of its own that will ensure you to have the best privacy that you can get. This way, there will be no cache/cookies or anything like that you will have to worry about leaving on that device.

Not only that, but it got Adblocker as well so you can enjoy the internet experience without being disturbed by those annoying ads that you get to see on the internet.

Safezone VPN

Along with all the other cool features that you get on the Avast Safezone, the browser also has a built-in VPN with most premium security and encryption with the backing of Avast. That makes it certain for you to be able to enjoy an overall premium layer of security and encryption for your browsing experience.

The VPN from Avast Safezone is highly secure, stable and fast that will allow you to not only keep your information protected, but it will certainly enhance the internet experience for you as well.

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