How To Program DishNET Remote To TV?

how to program dishnet remote to tv
how to program dishnet remote to tv

People all around the world enjoy using the internet in their homes. You can play games, listen to music and even watch movies. Aside from this, you can use cloud services to upload your data. This frees up storage from your device while also keeps the data protected. The user can then access their information whenever they want to from the cloud.

You can even purchase items online or search for information from all around the world. Unfortunately, people living in rural areas do not have access to DSL and fiber optic services. However, this is why satellite services like dishNET have come up with internet connections that can be used. While the speed for them is not as fast as a wired connection. You will still be provided with stable internet that does not drop speeds.

dishNET Remote

dishNET has tons of other services as well as their internet connection. One famous one out of these is their home theater plan which includes cable services. This allows you to access numerous TV channels through the same satellite that you would use for your internet. However, there is a separate receiver for this. Talking about this, you should note that dishNET also provides its users with a remote that can be used to control their internet receiver.

Talking about this, the device is not limited to being used on the receiver and you can connect it to other services from dishNET as well. Though, some people might want to use their remote on their television as well. Luckily, this can also be done however, it is important that you carefully follow the steps. This is why we will be using this article to guide you in programming the dishNET remote to work with your TV.

How to Program dishNET Remote To TV

When you hold your dishNET remote, you will notice that there are two buttons present on its top. These are called the mode buttons and can be pressed to switch between different options. These include DVD, AUX, SAT, and TV. Considering this, the remote is usually set to SAT which means satellite, and can be used normally in this mode.

However, you can press the TV button to connect your remote to the television. This will allow you to change the channels on it and even configure its settings. Though, keep in mind that if you only want to change the volume then using the remote on SAT will be your best choice. This is because the remote still allows you to change your volume even on SAT mode however, you cannot do anything else on it. Finally, follow these steps to connect your TV with your remote.

  • Press the TV mode button once and it should start to blink.
  • You can now click on the power button and the light should become stable.
  • Continue to press the up button on your remote after every 2 seconds. You will have to keep on doing this until your television switches off.
  • Once your TV powers off, you can click on the POUND button on the bottom right of your remote to save the code.

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